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Zoo vs Wild, Tigers

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Kayla Maldonado

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Zoo vs Wild, Tigers

Zoo vs Wild
In the zoo, tigers have food fed to them, while tigers in the wild have to hunt for their food. Sometimes they even fight for it. They may do this in zoos if there is more than one tiger.
Zoo vs Wild
In the wild, the mates of tigers are chosen by them. In zoos, they are introduced to future mates by the zoologists.
Zoo vs Wild
In the zoo, if a tiger is sick, it is treated by a zoo veterinarian, while in the wild, they are left to die.
Zoos vs wild
Wild tigers are free to run, where a zoo tiger has limited space to run. Zoo tigers are more tame than wild tigers, but still, if you get too close, they will attack.
In the wild, some tigers live in Asia, Cambodia, India, China, Viet Nam, and more, while zoo tigers live in captivity.
Zoo vs Wild, Tigers
Zoo vs Wild
Most zoo animals are kept since birth. Wild Tigers are left to fend for themselves and are taught by their moms and dads. Zoo staff is depended on by the tigers since they are adapted to that way of life. This makes them use to humans and have come to know who and what they are. Wild tigers attack humans because they have not seen them before. This causes them to believe we are a threat to them.
Wild tigers eat ambar deer, wild pigs, water buffalo and antelope. Wild tigers will hunt whenever they feel hungry, while in zoos, they have a schedule planned for feeding times.
Zoo tigers can sometimes be too stressed out. This because too much attention drawn by the crowds of people making them feel uncomfortable. Wild tigers can be stressed out if even just one person is near them.
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