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A Visit To Grandmother

No description

Joe Smissen

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of A Visit To Grandmother

A Visit To Grandmother
Character Analysis
Literary Elements
Simile: "…looking more and more wide awake every minute, sort of warming up like a teakettle…"(187).
This simile describes how the once tame horse was starting to wake up from its sedated state.
Irony: Charles thinks that his mother loves GL more than she loves him. The ironic part is that she loves all of her children equally.
Literary Elements
Imagery: "She looked like a doll, made of black straw..."(184).
This is Chig's description of how Charles' mother, his grandmother, looks.
GL (symbol): GL represents the innocence of childhood and the true reason why Charles thinks that his mother loves GL more than him.
Horse (symbol): Represents GL and how his mother treats him in a way that "controls" him.
Theme Analysis
One theme from AVtG is how bitterness effects a relationship between mother and son.
~ Real reason he visits his mother is to get question from childhood answered.
~He thinks, thirty years later, that his mother still favors GL over him.
~Bitterness has caused him to rarely visit his mother in adulthhood.
~He still, visiting his mother years later, believes that she doesn't love him as much as GL.
Another theme from A Visit to Grandmother is the importance of family and how they will always be there for you no matter what.
~Maintaining positive relationship with family is a must.
~Charles' siblings and mother, along with Chig, all get together very well. Charles, on the other hand, remains bitter the entire time.
~Even though his mother assures him that she loves him the same, he doesn't believe her.
~Charles pushes mother away in order to protect himself
~Charles may not believe it, but his mother was, and always will be, there for him.
-Chig's Father
-GL's Brother
-Loves to make others happy
Charles is the father of Chig and the brother to GL. He one day decides to visit his mother's home and takes his son. Tension rises and Charles becomes nervous as they enter the house. Later on, He asks his mother, "Why do you love GL more than me?" She explains to him that this untrue and she loves them both equally but he refuses to believe her.
-Son of Charles
-GL's nephew
-17 years old
Chig is the son of Charles who wants to become a lawyer. Although he is a very studious and smart kid, he has very little friends. He tags along with his father to visit his grnadmother. While there he ater finds out why no one ever talked about his grandparents, only GL. This was because Charles thought that gradmother didn't love him as much as GL.
-Don Juan
GL is the son of the grandmother and the brother brother of Charles. He is considered as a problem child. At times he would disappear and not come back for a period of time. He was not worked as hard by his mother as Charles was.
The point of view of the story is third person limited since it shows Chig's thoughts and emotions, but is not told by himself.

The setting of the story takes place in Nashville, Tennessee at the grandma's house where Charles grew up at.

The mood of the story was pretty tense since throughout the story it is boiling down til Charles explodes at his mother the end of her story.

The tone of the story is bitter since Charles exemplifies this to his mother the whole time throughout the story.

Plot Analysis
Exposition: The main characters and protagonists are Charles and Chig. The antagonists are the grandma and GL. It takes place in the 1940's in New York and at the grandma's house in Nashville.

Conflict: The main conflict in the story is that Charles thinks that his mother loves his reckless older brother then she does to him and hsi unhappiness towards this.

Rising Action/Complications: As the story starts out the grandma is telling stories from GL's and Charles' childhood which begins to spark anger and regret in Charles mind.

Plot Analysis
Climax: The climax of the story is when the grandma finishes her story and Charles storms out because of his differences with his mother.

Resolution: The main character Charles leaves angrily not to return.
P.O.V., Setting, Mood, and Tone.

Reviews/ Recommendations
This short story was definitely an interesting read. It's characters and themes are at a level at which we can connect with. The narrator creates very realistic characters whom we can relate to and not only sympathize, but empathize with as well. I would recommend this to anyone who might be struggling with the thought of their parents favoring one of their siblings over them. I would also suggest this to any individual who wishes to read a short story that they can connect to.
Taylor Lackey, Claudia Brower, Joe Smissen
Period 4
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