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Consumerism in Malaysia

No description

Ain Khomisah

on 28 June 2014

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Transcript of Consumerism in Malaysia

Consumerism in Malaysia
Lack of understandings between the consumers and companies
Consumers always tricked by rumours around them.
For example Cadbury chocolates,in which had been rumoured to be non-halal via social networking.
Companies that were accused with lies should sue the unresponsible parties.
Consumers themselves should not jump to conclusion.
Lack of smart consumers in Malaysia
Consumers should apply the 'smart consumer steps' before making any type of purchase.
For example,before buying a house,consumers should make a checklist on the requirements of a perfect house.
Could reduce wastage and consumers could get the best in consuming.
Consumption is a fact of life.
The essentials-food,water,shelter and etc
The nonessentials-branded clothes,the superlatest gadgets
Nonessentials should not be too over the top.
By reducing the nonessentials,one could save more money for rainy days.
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