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Trouble by Gary D. Schmidt

No description

Hunter Bakker

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Trouble by Gary D. Schmidt

What Challenges does Henry Overcome?
Henry has to deal with a lot of challenges. One being is that he has to deal with the death of his brother, Franklin. Who he is super close with. Henry also has to deal with his family after the death of his brother. His dad never goes to work, he just stays home all day. And Henry's sister, Louisa, hides in her room for a long time. And when Henry goes to Mount. Katahdin, he gets picked up by the boy who ran into his brother with his car.
The theme is dealing with the issues you are having, and defeating them by yourself.
What Readers can Learn from Henry
We recommend this book to any
one who is interested in Mystery
and Adventure.
Trouble By Gary D. Schmidt
Hero or Complex Character Book Club
Theme also plays into the tittle 'Trouble'. Running away from trouble is the main idea of the story.
The readers can learn that sometimes you need to forgive and forget
You can't run away from trouble
Things happen for a reason
Life is unexpected
You are not alone
However, running away from your issues 'aka, trouble' is not a theme of the book. Nor would it be a thing to look up to.
Lastly, Independence, could also be viewed as a theme of the story.
The book, Trouble by Gary D. Schmidt is about a teenage boy named Henry, who lives with a family that believes nothing bad will happen to them as long as their house is far away from "Trouble" until they face a terrible tragedy with his older brother.
Remember, you can't run away from trouble~!
How does Henry influence others?
He influences a lot of people/things. One of them is Black Dog. (A black dog. Cleverly named) He saved Black Dog from drowning in the sea. He also influences Chay, The boy who ran into his brother with his car. Chay is influenced by Henry, because Henry reminds Chay of what he did to Henry's brother.
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