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new zealand

No description

Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of new zealand

new zealand
New Zealarnd aboriginal peapel are called Maoir the Maoir are the indigenous people of New Zealand
they have a hole lot difereant way of living con pared to our indigenous people hear they you the benefactors of having the hot springs. They yous the hot springs for bathing and cooking then they all so yous the steam from them to cook.

Map of New Zealand
a. 2250 km east of Australia is New Zealand a country that stretches 1600 km from north to south made up of
2 main islands and many smaller islands. Its coast line with many bays, harbour’s and fiords is long compared with its landmass.
It lies between latitudes 34 s &47 s
Total land area is 270,534sq km

b. Notable features are the many rivers, Waikato on North island is the longest at 425km. Many of the rivers run into lakes, Lake Taupo is the largest at 626 sq km. Both island have high mountains formed by geological processes associated with the westward movement of the pacific tectonic plate. Mt Cook is the highest at 3754m and growing by 2cm a year.

there is more on my
power point
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