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Jack and the Beanstalk, The Giants Pesrpective

Jack and the Beanstalk written in the giants perspective.

Gena Stone

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Jack and the Beanstalk, The Giants Pesrpective

Jack and The Beanstalk, The Giants Perspective I'm sure you' I'm sure you've all heard the story about a young boy named Jack and a few magic beans. Well, if you have, you might want to find out the true story. What you know is NOT the true story. In the childrens story of Jack and the Beanstalk there is a giant who is given the impression of being 'scary'. Well, let me tell you this, I am that giant. I am not scary. It has been claimed that I'm a mean giant who hates children and eats young boys for breakfast. Now, let's face it, all people find giants scary. But seriously, we are possibly the nicest creatures on Earth. Just because we're a bit bigger than normal humans doesn't mean that we are horrible, man eating dinosaurs! If you want to know what we are really like, then read my story, because I know you will think differently about us giants. One Day... One day I was in my lovely castle with my wonderful wife who had kindly decided to make me breakfast. It was very delicious, but while I was eating I was distracted by the wonderful smell of a young boy. I love kids and think they are absolutely adorable. I thought I could hear my wife talking in the kitchen, but later realised that I must have been imagining things, because there was no one else in the house. Or was there? I went into the kitchen to talk to my wife before I had a lovely relaxing nap. I always loved a good sleep after breakfast. As I walked over to my wife in the kitchen the smell of the young boy was getting closer. The strange thing was, there was no sign of a young child in the room anywhere. I was awfully confused. Children Fee, Fi, Fo Fum! “Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman. I can smell the scent of a young boy in here,” I said curiously. “Are you sure there isn’t one in here?”
“There has been no sign of a young boy in this kitchen,” My wife replied. “If there was one I would tell you.”
“Ok,” I replied unconvincedly. “If you’re sure.” After that I walked out of the room and went to my bedroom for a quiet nap. When my wife had been talking to me she hadn’t seemed like herself. I was quite sure she wasn't lying, because I completely trust her with all my life. I wouldn't have minded if there were young kids in the house anyway, because I love the entertaining company and there was no need for her to lie to me anyway. After a while I calmly dozed off like I usually do after I eat my delicious breakfast. "WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED?!?" When I woke up later in the day I went out to the lovely smelling kitchen to see my generous wife. “We have been robbed,” she told me nervously. “By a cheeky boy who came in. I gave him some breakfast and then went into a different room and when I came back he was gone, and so was some of our perecious gold. I am so terribly sorry. I should have told you that we had uninvited company.” “Yes, you should have told me we had company,” I said back to her in a disappointed voice. “I forgive you though. Just don't lie to me again.” ....... "AGAIN!?!" We never talked about the topic again, until one day I found out we had been robbed, again! This time I was astonished. My wife said she would tell me if we had company again, but obviously she didn't want to. I was so upset when I found out my magic hen that lays golden eggs has been stolen. It was one of my most prized possessions. I wondered if it was stolen by the same rude young thief as last time. My wife surely would have realised it was him, but maybe he tricked her. This boy had some guts. But let me tell you, he had really made my wife angry. She was absolutely furious. The magic hen was so amazing and she was so sad that it had been stolen. If this boy came back, I can assure you that he wouldn't escape without any bruises or apologies. Now, I know I said that I am a gentle giant, and I am, but when somebody steals my gold AND my magic hen, they are in for some trouble. A couple of days passed. I bet that the kid was living in luxury, with all his money and gold that he stole from me. If he wanted it he should have earned it for himself, it just wasn't right. I was ready for him to come back. Every day at breakfast time I would go and ask my lovely wife if we had any unexpected visitors, and every day she would say the same thing; “No!” But I knew he would come back. I just knew it. I can smell you! One day not so soon after I was eating my breakfast as usual and suddenly, I smelt the blood of a young Englishman, so I said, “Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman.” My wife said that there was definitely nobody in the house, but I was sure there was. CRAZY!!! Eventually we forgot about the smell and didn't care because we couldn't find anyone anywhere. Well, at least that's what my uninterested wife thought we should do. I mean, seriously, ignoring the fact that there may be a robber in your house that has stolen things from you twice beforehand, is not a good idea. My wife was crazy thinking that there was no one else in the house, I tell you CRAZY! ZZZZZ zzzzzz zzzzzz ..... I fell asleep eventually after playing my harp for a while. I love playing my golden harp, it is so relaxing and helps me get to sleep, (As I have said before, I love my sleep). While I was sleeping I heard my harp speaking, shouting for my help. “Master save me!” my harp cried. “Don't let him take me!” I knew the boy was trying to steal my precious harp now, but I wouldn't let him get away this time. I started running after the young boy. I chased him down the road. He dropped the harp when we got to the beanstalk. I was still running after him. He slid down the beanstalk and when he was down, he fetched an axe. All at once he chopped down the beanstalk, and I fell to the ground. They thought I was dead, him and his mother. But I can assure you that I definitely wasn't. I only faked that I was dead because I didn't want the devious boy to come and bother me again. A beanstalk can’t kill a giant. It was really only double my size. And that's my story. Jack won in his eyes, but really I did and so did all the other giants across the world. Jack had won wealth and he was happy with that, but what us giants won, was peace. NO one would ever bother us again, not thinking that we are massive man eating creatures that eat young boys for dinner. He had fame and wealth but we had peace, and nothing could beat that. By the way don't be scared of giants, because we are not scary at all, we just say that to make sure nobody steals from us again. By Gena Stone
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