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Frannie Franks Coffee Cakes

No description

Amelia Hanzlick

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Frannie Franks Coffee Cakes

Frannie Franks Coffee Cakes
History of Frannie Franks
“Frannie Franks happened by accident in June of 2011 while baking a treat from an old
family recipe, for a dear friend’s birthday. Named in honor of Frances Ann, my mother.
This is her recipe and our dream... together!”
Environmental Trends
Social Trends:
Less inclined to bake desserts with busy schedules
Regulatory Trends:
Health guidelines must be followed or business will be shut down
Economic Trends:
Very elastic demand, people may only buy necessities
Technological Trends:
Increase in internet use = increase cakes bought online
Competitive Factors:
CoffeeCakeKC, Judi’s Bakery and Coffee Shop, Panera, Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Hyvee
SWOT Analysis
Great community relations
Passionate about quality product
Convenient to order (delivery options/locations)
Area of Improvement
Entire page, not center spread:
• Variety of pictures (more appeal) on sales page
• Signature look
• Add calendar on website for selling locations
Current and Potential Target Markets
Coffee Shop Frequenters
Farmer’s Market Frequenters
Potential: Parents with Kids in School (PTA)
Advertise in Schools, Book Fairs, Neighborhoods, Libraries, and play places.
Purchase $15.00(+) and offer 20% off that goes to school of their choice
Most benefit from targeting parents of kids in school because of the wide range of consumers with a variety of income.
4 P Plan
Higher price compared to alternatives
No store front
Packaging (Resolved)
Catering to parties
Creating tradition at events

Trouble catering to the younger generation
Homemade cakes are less expensive
Internet provides recipes and other alternatives
• Gourmet coffee cakes
• Cakes and muffins-regular and gluten free
• pumpkin, toffee, toffee chocolate
Pricing Plan Current:
• $12.99 small, $17.99 large
muffins $15.99/dozen
$16.99 for small gluten-free, $21.99 for a large gluten-free
gluten-free muffins $19.99/dozen
Promotion Plan
these offers on social media
flyers, in local magazines
Kansas City Star
• samples at locations, free cakes for winning contests
• to increase sales online, offer free shipping
• Coupons, discounts
• School Promotion
Personal Selling:
No sales force beyond the owner and her small staff
Magazine features, articles in KC Star
• Farmers markets, Online, Dean and Deluca, Grocery stores
• Schools, Book Fairs, Neighborhoods, Libraries
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