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Pierre Esprit Radisson

No description

Sydney H

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Pierre Esprit Radisson

Pierre Esprit Radisson Who? Pierre Esprit Radisson was an explorer of New France. He was born around 1640 in France and died in 1710. Although he is well known, there is not a lot of information on this famous explorer's early life. Why did he come to New France? Radisson was actually attending the wedding of his half-sister, Marguerite Hayet, who lived in New France. Later her husband died and she remarried a man named Médard Chouart Des Groseilliers, who was also a famous explorer. Did he meet the First Nations? One day while he was out duck hunting, Radisson was captured by the Iriquois. He gained their trust an respect and then lived and hunted with the Iriquois for 2 years, until he escaped to Fort Orange and became a Dutch translator. After he returned home, in 1657 he took part in a unsuccessful Jesuit mission. After, he teamed up with his brother in law, Médard Chouart Des Groseilliers, and they traveled around Lake Superior for fine furs. When they got back though, they were fined and got their fur taken away because they did not have fur trading licenses. http://75.radio-canada.ca/portail/7s55n4FmAHtNkY5e5EOYQW1fI6BWNIlV/ The Adventures of Radisson Pierre Esprit Radisson wrote books about his journeys. His books are now in museums, but you can also find them online. http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/6913/pg6913.html The Adventures of Pierre Esprit Radisson Pierre wrote books of his adventures. Some of books are in museums today, and you can find his stories online too. Hudson's Bay Company The Hudson's Bay Company Radisson helped found the Hudson's Bay Company because of all the furs he took back from New France to England. After him and Médard Chouart Des Groseilliers got fined they went to England to try to sell their furs, and started the Company. by Sydney
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