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How to Make a Reservation at ESU through Virtual EMS

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Conference Service

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of How to Make a Reservation at ESU through Virtual EMS

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Image by Tom Mooring
How to Make a Reservation at ESU through Virtual EMS
Now you can make changes online.
Event Planning Timeline

As Early As Possible
Make space request and include potential AV needs and furniture setup (space depending).
Space is not always available.
2 weeks out
update AV, furniture setups and service requests.
5 Business Days out
at least
Confirm final catering counts, AV and furniture setup details with the scheduler and caterer.
Less than 5 Business Days
require a phone call.
Requests for space

automatically approved.
Please Remember...
Virtual EMS
Log In
To log in use your ESU Net ID
and PASSHE password.
Make a Request
EMS will try to find rooms
that meet your criteria.
Click the
green +
to select a room
Need multiple rooms?
Click the
green +
next to
all requested rooms
When requesting audio
visual support & furniture
setup on the EMS details
page, think about..
What furniture setup type works best for your content?
Setup Types
What audio visual equipment do you need?
There is currently no rental charge for ESU organizations to use ESU resources during normal business hours. Hooray!
Oh! If you make and leave a mess, you will be charged for that. A custodial cost about $24/hr.
More than 5 business days prior to your event.
Edit Existing Service:
Edit Time or Location:
You can make as many changes as you need.
Having trouble?
Call us.
We can help.
Office of Conference Services
Select form based
on location
Setup Type
banquet style
classroom style
conference style
lecture style
open square
reception style
u shaped style
Click View
My Requests
Click an event to edit
Click the
green +

to add or
edit services
Click the
pencil to edit
date, time
or location
Click to add a
new service
Click the pencil
to edit an existing
service request
Add new service:
trade show style
Edit Time or Location:
Understanding Request Details
Changes to event
Virtual EMS
to make requests
Make a request
Only include your actual event time.
include set up time.
Rooms that cannot fit your expected attendance will not appear.
Rooms cannot be requested via EMS under 24hrs for classrooms, labs, etc. and 5 days for multipurpose space.
Please make sure to select the appropriate type this drives items to the calendar.
Who is this program meeting for?
Service Details
Set Up Details
AV Set Up Details
These instructions go to labor, custodial, and AV so please be specific with you request.
Using Virtual EMS
List of Events
Room Setups
Use arrows to navigate tutorial
Click box to
view full screen

To log in use your ESU Net ID and PASSHE password.
Browse and Search
(multipurpose rooms only)
Select 1 package based on preferred set up type and expected attendance.
These instructions go directly to labor crew.
Most rooms have AV already so please be aware of room features.
AV support is available between 8am-5pm
Please select the items you need.
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