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01.06 Project Milestone- Ludny Dorelus

No description

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of 01.06 Project Milestone- Ludny Dorelus

01.06 Project Milestone
Personality are the qualities or characteristics an individual has that forms their distinct character. Without this we all would have the same style, opinion, and way of life, basically we would just be plain boring people.
The Big Five is a framework for understanding personality traits that includes five broad categories. The categories are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. These broad topics help figure out your traits. Some people have trouble when it comes to things that define who they are. Thanks to things such as personality test such as the (TAT) (MBI-2) people can figure out what they want in life and what they want to do in life.
Psychology can be used to benefit your health, someone’s education, or to help someone out of a bad emotional state.You often see applied psychology when a psychologist treats a person with Depression, Hording or when conducting studies on education.

Biopsychology: The study of the relationship between Biology and psychology.
Clinical Psychology: Evaluate and treat people with disorders.
Developmental Psychology: Study how people grow and change physically.
Forensic Psychology: the application of psychology to legal issues
Industrial Organization Psychology(I/O): Applies psychology and research ways to benefit business and organizations.
Personality Psychology: Characteristics that influence a person’s thought motivation and behavior.
Social Psychology: The study of social behavior and how people act in groups
School Psychology applies psychology principles to diagnose and treat behaviors and learning problems in children and teens.

This part of the mind that is responsible for our sense of right and wrong that guides our thought and action.
Conscious Mind
The part of the mind just bellow the conscious awareness where information is easily accessible the conscious mind.
The Social Cognitive Theory is a theory that says our personality is based on the interplay between the social environment and cognitive processes.
Basically our environment influences who we are.
Social - Cognitive Perspective
A field where psychology is applied to theories and principals to solve real world problems.
Psychodynamic Perspctive basically deals with you getting to know yourself, it also deals a lot with how your mind works.
Applied Psychology
Precocious Mind
How Psychology is applied?
The Big Five
Along with this comes our personality.
Another thing this section talks about is a Framework called The Big Five.
applied Psychology can be used to ...
8 Sub-fields studied in this chapter
There are three stages of the mind, The Conscious mind, the precocious and and the unconscious mind.
This is the portion of the mind that is responsible for a persons morals and values.
The part of your mind that mediates between the id and the superego in order to balance desire with reality.
Unconscious Mind
The part of the mind bellow your conscious awareness where our deepest thoughts and memories are found.
The part of your personality that uses pleasure principals to meet basic drives and instincts.
5 Categories
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