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The Boy On The Wooden Box: Luck

No description

Briana Swann

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of The Boy On The Wooden Box: Luck

Theme in" The Boy On The Wooden Box"
Plot Overview
Leon Lyson(first from left) was a normal young boy in his family growing up in Krakow. All until Hitler moved all the Jewish to the Ghettos. In the book you get to read about Leon go through the Holocaust trying to survive from the many tragedys
Throughout the book I noticed that everytime Leon and his family got in trouble they always got lucky. Therefore, sometimes you just need luck to survive.
1st Quote:pg62
"several weeks later, for no apparent reason, my father was released from prison. The moment he camethrough the door was a momentof overwhelming relief and joy"
There was people getting killed left and right in the nazi prison, but instead his father was released with no harm and lucky to be alive.
2nd Quote:pg 160
"By time I reached his office I was shaking, then he handed me a piece of bread"
Leon was heading towards the bosses (Schlinder) office thinking he was gunna be killed. Instead he was handed a huge chunk of bread. He was lucky to be in good terms with the boss. That might just keep him alive.
3rd Quote:pg146
"The thermos crashed to the floor, it grew Schlindlers attention immediately. I screamed we were being sent away!. Suddenly we were safe"
Leon and his family were about to be sent to the worst concentration camp out there. He decided to drop his thermos on the ground to get the bosses attention, Schlinder took them back. Leon got lucky to be safe again.
4th Quote:pg 157
"Oskar Schlinder handed out massive bribes to the Nazis in comand that the people in his factory were highly skilled"
Unlike the other Nazi officers Schlinder actually had a heart. He cared for his workers so he let them free. Leon and half of his family luckily survived the camps amd went home safe to grow old.
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