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The Canterbury Tales-The Plowman

"Glamour Shot"

Aseel Abdelaziz

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Canterbury Tales-The Plowman

The Plowman
The Canterbury Tales
By: Aseel Abdelaziz
He must have carted through the morning dew.
There was a Plowman with him there, his brother;
Many a load of dung one time or other
He was an honest worker, good and true,

Living in peace and perfect charity,
And, as the gospel bade him, so did he,
Loving God best with all his heart and mind
And then his neighbor as himself, repined
At no misfortune, slacked for no content,
He wore a tabard smock and rode a mare.
There was a Reeve, also a Miller, there,
A College Manciple from the Inns of Court,
A papal Pardoner and, in close consort,
A Church-Court Summoner, riding at a trot,
And finally myself that was the lot.
To thrash his corn, to dig or to manure
Or make a ditch; and he would help the poor
He paid his tithes in full when they were due
On what he owned, and on his earnings too.
For love of Christ and never take a penny
If he could help it, and, as prompt as any,
The Parson
The Plowman
For steadily about his work he went
The Reeve
The Miller
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