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Group Project

No description

Elisabeth Chun

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Group Project

By: Elisabeth Chun
Mariella Jorge
Chelsea Lee
Kayla Tanaka The Hawaiian Islands Iolani Palace Hawaiian Culture There are 8 main Hawaiian islands General Information The state of Hawaii has 137 total islands Captain James Cook- European Explorer Geology:
Hawaii has many Earthquakes because of the volcanic activity was a kingdom hula is the traditional dance
Many of the tourist sites have cultural names that have been lost. ex: Diamond Head was called Le'ahi
Elders are refered to as Auntie or Uncle, even if they are strangers
taro is the roots of the Hawaiian people Volcanoes General Info. (cont'd) Hawaii is also known for its volcanoes
10 total volcanoes General Info. (cont.'d) Kilauea is the most active volcano Originally: "The Sandwich Islands" for the UK Food in Oahu Rainbow Drive-In: Honolulu, Oahu.
Kanaina Ave. Rainbow is famous
for their unique, local food. Hawaii: Akahi Nui was the last king Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii's (Big Island) leaders People can come face to face with many of the volcanoes
open to the public There are 3 total active Hawaiian volcanoes Matsumoto's sells more than shaved ice. They are also a grocery store. They sell things like shirts and keychains (etc.) for tourists. All of their flavors are homemade. You can choose from a variety of flavors OR... You can choose from their combos:
Hawaiian Special, Matsumoto Special,
or The Rainbow. Leonards They have malasadas. (A malasada is sort of like a Hawaiian donut) Kauai: Last King was Kaumualii Maui:Pi'ilani was the last king

Oahu: Kahekili was the last king Volcanoes: contribute in formation Matsumoto's Shaved Ice: Located on Oahu's
North Shore. You should try their shaved ice
with condensed milk and/or ice cream. They also have other types of donuts, pastries, sweet breads, cakes, etc. local food They have won awards for their fried rice, bento, loco moco, and plate lunch Tempura Mahi Sandwich All of the food is made from local, fresh ingredients Kaka'ako Kitchen (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Located at the Ward Centre Hapuna Beach, Big Island Extra Fun Facts Hawaii entered the Union on Aug. 21, 1959 Flower: Yellow Hibiscus. Bird: Hawaiian Goose (Nene) Popular Beaches Tree: Candlenut (Kukui) Nickname: The Aloha State Largest City- Honolulu Beach activities Hanalei Bay, Kauai Lanikai Beach, Oahu Snorkeling Have a splash while exploring the reefs of the islands and swimming alongside aquatic creatures Boarding and paddling Surfing Paddle Boarding kayaking Swimming with dolphins Many resorts and facilities have dolphin attractions that allow you to swim along with these friendly animals! Hiking Waterfall Hikes Volcano Trails Beach hikes Trails that take you through the beauties of the tropical rainforest and bring you to the stunning and movie like scenes of gorgeous waterfalls Hawaii is well known for their volcanoes, so volcanic sites are a great place to hike and see the islands main and natural attraction Hiking to and around the beaches of Hawaii, is a day of beautiful sites and relaxing ocean scenes. Popular Hikes Oahu's Diamond Head Summit Trail Oahu's Olomana Trail Maunawili Falls Trail Measured from East to West: USA's WIDEST state hula music Things to do in Hawaii Beaches TOURS Helicopter Tours Boat Ride Tours Bus Tours Horseback Riding Tour ATV TOURS Ziplining Tours ...in the world Kamehameha the Great- took all of the islands under one rule
started a dynasty: lasted until 1872 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park:
#1 attraction two types of dances, kahiko and auana
Laka, goddess of hula
To tell history, no written language
Use implements made of natural materials
skirts, adornments and implements were all made of natural resources History of Hula THE END Goddess of Hula Laka Represented by the lehua blossom Hawaiian Culture Loco moco is a native Hawaiian dish. It is basically white rice, hamburger patty, fried egg, and brown gravy. This is a Hawaiian dish
called "loco moco" Pao doce See the beautiful sights of Hawaii from an aerial view Hawaii is well known for its geographical features, such as its water access. So, why not enjoy tours of the island in clear blue water. Tour the streets of Hawaii and see popular tourist sites Adventurous and exciting ways to view the beauties of the Islands
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