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On The Sidewalk Bleeding

No description

Callen Armstrong

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of On The Sidewalk Bleeding

1: Exposition



2: Initial Incident

Left dance to buy cigarettes

store closed so went down alley
3: Rising Action

4: Climax

Andy takes off jacket
5: Falling Action
Manages to to take off jacket
Laura finds him
Plot Diagram
On The Sidewalk Bleeding
Story By :Evan Hunter
Presentation By: Katelyn and Sophie

6: Denouement
New York

Back ally

Rainy March night

Andy (Protagonist and Antagonist)



“He had left the jump to get a package of cigarettes. He had told her he would be back in a few minutes, and then we had gone downstairs and found the candy store closed. Alfredo's on the next block was he open until at least two, and he had started through the alley, and that was when he’d been ambushed.”

"The boy lay bleeding in the rain. He was sixteen years old, and he wore a bright purple silk jacket, and the lettering across the back of the jacket read The Royals. The boys name was Andy, and the name was delicately scripted in black tread on the front of the jacket, just over the heart.
"He tried to speak. He tried to move. He tried to crawl toward the doorway where he could see the two figures in embrace. He tried to make a noise, a sound, and a grunt came from his lips, and then he tried again, and another grunt came, a low animal grunt of pain."
" It seemed very important to him that he take off the purple jacket. He did not want them to say, "Oh it's a Royal." With great effort, he rolled over onto his back. He felt the pain tearing at his stomach when he moved, a pain he did not think was possible. But he wanted to take off the jacket."
“But he squirmed and fought and twisted until one arm was free and then the other, and then he rolled away from the jacket and lay quite still, breathing heavily, listening to the sound of his breathing and the sound of rain and thinking:
Rain is sweet, I'm Andy.“

“The cop slung the jacket over his arm. He took out his black pad, and he flipped it open to a blank page.
“A Royal,“ he said
Then he began writing“

“Even in his pain, even as he collapsed, there had been some pride in knowing he was a Royal. Now there was no pride at all. With the rain beginning to chill him, with the blood pouring steadily between his fingers, he knew only a sort of dizziness, and within the giddy dizziness, he could only think: I want to be Andy.”

Young Couple
Drunk Man
Homeless Lady
Police finds Andy
Associates him with Royals
Andy struggling to find his identity
Bad decisions
“He lay on the sidewalk with the March rain DRILLING his jacket and DRILLING his body and washing the blood that poured from his open wound.”

Figure of speech
Figure of Speech
“That was a fierce rumble. They got me good that time, but he did not know he was dying.”

Figure of Speech
She lifted the lids of the garbage cans delicately, and she did not hear Andy grunt because she was a little deaf and because the rain was beating steady relentless tattoo on the cans.

Figure of speech

"The jacket was a stupid meaningless thing that was robbing him of his life."

Figure of Speech
"He could hear the sound of automobile tires, hushed on the muzzle of rain swept streets."
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