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Physical and Human factors

No description

Tristan Alphey

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Physical and Human factors

Physical and Human factors
Thank you!
Physical factors
Precipitation (frequency, strength and type) - will add weight and lubrication, while reducing friction. Thus, colder and wetter climates will see more mass movement
Geology - sedimentary, crudely stratified rocks will easily slide down-hill
Gradient - the higher the gradient, the stronger the shear force
La Conchita, January 10th 2005
Rio de Janeiro, April 2010
The Bamiléké
Barton on Sea, Hampshire
Human Factors
Deforestation - reduced evapo-transpiration increases
Artificial explosions - weaken the ground
House-building - adds considerable mass to the top of the cliff
MEDC vs LEDC - MEDCs may have more buildings
In LEDC urban areas, rapid rural-urban migration may lead to slum development, on unsuitable ground, and thus increase the risk of mass movement.
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