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SEO and Social Media Proposal

No description

Kseniya Wegbrait

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of SEO and Social Media Proposal

Competitive Landscape
No worries,
we've got your back!
SEO and Social Media Proposal
Prepared by Impress Labs
Investor Relations
Near-time investor communication
63% of institutional investors say that social media will become increasingly more important to them (Q4 Web Systems)
More platforms to engage shareholders
In April, the SEC approved the use of social media as a means to communicate with investors
Establish thought leadership
Promote creativity and collaboration
Increase brand visibility and authority on the web
Reach out to new markets via organic search
Human Resources
94 % of recruiters use or plan to use social media for recruiting (Jobvite)
78% of recruiters have made a hire through social media (Jobvite)
Employee development
Cultivate company culture
Relevant employee conversations, for free
Why do SEO and social media matter?
ASM: Social Media and SEO in numbers
Applied Materials: Blog
Applied Materials:
#1 for "PE CVD system"
#3 for "PECVD"
#4 for "semiconductor technology"
#8 for "PVD material"
#9 for "semiconductor materials"
#9 for "PV equipment"
More than 40K backlinks
Social Media
3K+ Facebook likes
30K+ LinkedIn followers
100K+ YouTube views
1.5K+ tweets
# 5 for "EUV lithography" and "DUV lithography"
# 10 for "lithography semiconductor"
8K+ backlinks
Social media
4K+ Facebook likes
30K LinkedIn followers, more than 7K of employees on the network
4K Twitter followers with 1K+ tweets
140K+ YouTube views with more than 30 videos
16K+ views for ASMLjobs channel
ASML: LinkedIn Careers
# 2 for "wafer inspection"
# 2 for "metrology tools"
# 3 for "CD SEM"
# 4 for "wafer metrology"
9K+ backlinks
Social Media
705 Facebook likes, regular updates
500+ tweets with more than 500 followers
20K+ LinkedIn followers and more than 4K employees on the network
KLA-Tencor: Social Media Directory
# 6 for "plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition"
#15 for atomic layer deposition behind Oxford Instruments (#2) and Beneq (#3)
1.3K+ backlinks
No keyword focus and keyword optimization
Social media
No Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+ activity

3,500 LinkedIn followers
What we offer
SEO audit
Keyword research and optimization
Website traffic monitoring and monthly reporting
Social media set up and maintenance
Fresh and unique content
On-going content support for SEO and social media
January, 2014
March, 2014
Kick-off meeting
SEO audit
Keyword research and optimization
Social Media
Social media engagement strategy
Profile setup: LinkedIn
Company timeline setup: Facebook
Take ownership of the company's Google+ profile
Monitoring, maintenance and reporting
SEO support for all online content
Social calendar: company news and updates across all major social media platforms
Monthly Internet marketing reports and recommendations
April, 2014
Zero updates!??
Why we are different
We know semiconductors
We rely on real people for analysis and implementation
We look at your SEO and social media as a part of your bigger marketing strategy

zero updates?!!!!
zero updates??!
Applied Materials: LinkedIn Product Page
ASML: Twitter Page
December, 2014
KLA-Tencor: LinkedIn Page
#16 for "mems etch"
No top 20 ranking for any other non-branded keywords
Social media
Almost 10K followers on LinkedIn with 3K+ employees on the network
No Facebook page, no tweets, no Google+ updates

Lam Research: LinkedIn
Lam Research
Big Picture
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