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The Artemis Fowl Series

The character's and books in the Artemis Fowl Series

Rebecca Norman

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of The Artemis Fowl Series

This series is about a genius juvenile criminal mastermind. and his adventures after he discovers the fairy folk. The Artemis Fowl Series Teen genius criminal mastermind
Black hair, blue eyes
Likes: Suits, being right, outsmarting others, gold, power, the few friends he has
Dislikes: Normal clothes, being wrong, being outsmarted, losing, sports, and Opal Holly Short Artemis Fowl Elf, captain for LEPrecon
Red hair, hazel eyes, brown skin
Likes: the surface, her job, her friends
Dislikes: being behind a desk , getting in trouble, small spaces, Ark Sool, Opal Koboi Domovoi Butler Bodyguard to Artemis
Sandy hair, dark eyes, Huge & muscular,
Likes: Keeping Artemis and Juliet Safe
Dislikes: Artemis or Juliet being in danger, those endangering Artemis or Juliet Juliet Butler Bodyguard to Myles and Beckett Fowl, professional wrestler, maid to the Fowls, Domovoi's little sister
Blond hair, dark eyes
Likes: wrestling, and normal girly things
Dislikes: Failing, feeling inferior Opal Koboi Criminally insane genius pixie
Black hair, brown eyes, ivory skin
Likes: herself, being in charge, herself, Supreme domination, herself
Dislikes: being defeated, being outsmarted, her enemies Foaly Centaur, LEP technical consultant
Half horse, half man
Likes: being right, tinfoil hats, sarcasm, soap operas, his inventions, his friends, Caballine
Dislikes: pressure, being outsmarted, Opal Julius Root Elf, Commander of LEPrecon
Grey hair, brown eyes
Likes: Fungus cigars, his orders being followed, being respected
Dislikes: his orders being disobeyed, sarcasm, being called Julius Kleptomaniac Dwarf
Short and hairy
Likes: gold, tunneling, gold, escaping prison, and gold
Dislikes: Gas buildup, getting caught, goblins, sunlight Mulch Diggums No. 1 Demon warlock
white skin, red markings
Likes: his friends, helping, belonging, being Ferdinand
Dislikes: Danger, Billy Kong, Abbot The Books Artemis Fowl
The Arctic Incident
The Eternity Code
The Opal Deception
The Lost Colony
The Time Paradox
The Atlantis Complex
The Last Guardian Brief Summaries Book 1 Artemis kidnaps a fairy to get gold. Book 2 Artemis, with the help of fairies, Saves his father from the Russian Mafia. Book 3 Artemis, and friends, recover stolen fairy technology. Book 4 Artemis, and friends, foil the evil pixie Opal's plan. Book 5 Artemis and Holly save another world from being destroyed. Book 6 Artemis and Holly go back in time to save an extinct lemur. Book 7 Artemis gets a disease, and an alter ego, then he saves Atlantis. Book 8 Armageddon breaks loose. Hope you Enjoyed!
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