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Ch.2: The Call of the Disciples

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on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Ch.2: The Call of the Disciples

An Apostle:
Inner circle, only 12
traveled with Jesus
Called by name to follow
means "to be sent out" (on a mission)
What does Jesus ask of his followers?
What is discipleship?
The Challenge of Discipleship:
Jesus warned them that it would not be easy, that they would be persecuted! Following Jesus is often not a walk in the park.
The Twelve Apostles:
Why 12?
- 12 Tribes of Israel!

- skilled craftsman, but humble backgrounds.

Their relationship to Jesus
would be much like students to a teacher (or rabbi).

Their role: listen to his words, learn from his actions, and
transform the world
The ripple effect...
Transforming the world by words and actions!
Ch.2: The Call of the Disciples
What is an apostle??
What is the story of the call of the disciples?
Matthew 4:12-25
Mark 1:14-20
Mark 3:13-19
Mark 10:17-31
Luke 5:1-11
John 1:35-51
A Disciple:
Could be applied to anyone (even today), male or female
May have traveled with Jesus
means "pupil" or "apprentice"
followed Jesus around Galilee, Judea, etc.
Jesus visited them. They supported him materially.
The Rich Young Man
Not all said, "yes".
Mk. 10:17-31
“True discipleship would mean putting his/her own total faith in Jesus, not in possessions”.
Give what you have to the poor and attach yourself to Jesus!
Imagine: What do you think happened to the rich young man after this?

Question: Is wealth a hindrance to discipleship?
True obstacles: Enslavement, selfishness, lack of trust!
Jesus was a rabbi of his own accord, the New Law!
Jesus Chose his apostles, called them by name!
This is discipleship!
To be a disciples is to be a "learner"
the disciples are meant to the fishers of men!!
Mark 1:17
The Disciples are called to preach:
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