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Jorge Luis Borges

"The Garden of Forking Paths" and "Pascal's Sphere"

Molly Zwiebel

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges
Novel and Labyrinth
"Before unearthing this letter, I had questioned myself about the ways in which a book can be infinite. I could think of nothing other than a cyclic volume, a circular one. A book whose last page was identical with the first, a book which had the possibility of continuing indefinitely" (Paragraph 23)
Theme of Betrayal
“The future already exists,” I replied, “but I am your friend. Could I see the letter again?”

"Albert rose. Standing tall, he opened the drawer of the tall desk; for the moment his back was to me. I had readied the revolver. I fired with extreme caution. Albert fell uncomplainingly, immediately. I swear his death was instantaneous—a lightning stroke"
Author Background Information
Well-known, Argentine poet, story writer and essayist
Born to a middle-class, distinguished military family
well traveled; spoke many languages; exposed to many writers and literary movements
He released his first collection of stories, The Garden of Forking Paths, in 1941
Jorge Luis Borges
What is a Labyrinth?
- A complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze.

- According to the Labyrinth Society, "A labyrinth is a single path or tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation."
Brief Overview
Published in 1941; established fiction career; most popular piece
Oral Testimony given by Dr. Yu Tsun
German Spy in London - Cover Blown
Must Escape from Captain Richard Madden (British)
Home of Scientist, Dr. Stephen Albert
Command/Control F "unearthing"
"I lingered, naturally, on the sentence: I leave to the various futures (not to all) my garden of forking paths. Almost instantly, I understood: ‘the garden of forking paths’ was the chaotic novel; the phrase ‘the various futures (not to all)’ suggested to me the forking in time, not in space."
Command/Control F "uncomplainingly"
Theme of Time
"I leave to the various futures (not to all) my garden of forking paths."
Command/Control F "future"
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