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Christina M. & Genivee V.

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Christina M. & Genivee V.

medal of honor
Medal of honor
The medal of honor is the highest honor in the U.S . It was awarded 3,515 times. It was last awarded to Florent A. Groberg. The Medal of Honor is awarded for for acts of valor, honor, courage, and patriotism. The first person awarded is Jacob Parrott.
Sammy L. Davis
His branch was the US army. He volunteered for the artillery because his father had been in the artillery. He was assigned into the 4th artillery or WW2. Medal of Honor was given to him for valor. He had been selected by 3 of his brothers.
Gary B.Beikirch
Given Medal Of Honor for Valor. He saved lives at cut costs. His branch is the US Army. His duty was the Vietnam War.
Mary E. Walker
She was an American feminist, abolitionist, and an alleged spy. She was a prisoner of war and was awarded the Medal Of Honor for Valor. She was a surgeon. She was born on November 26th, 1832 and February 21st, 1919.
These soldiers have the ability that frightens them. They all had the courage and to join and fight for freedom of America. They awarded because they earned the trust of America's leaders.
The soldiers received high respect or esteem
Having great courage in the face of danger
An emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland.
Our opinions is that these soldiers all showed valor for their courageous acts. They all fought for the freedom of America and its people.
Jacob Parrott
He was the first recipient of the Medal of Honor.
The first recipent for Medal of Honor. His unit was the 33rd Ohio Infantry. He has a prisoner of war and in the American Civil War. He was born on July 17th, 1843 and died December 22nd, 1908. He joined the US Army in 1861. In April 1862, he volunteered to take part in a raid with 21 other people 'cause they operated under command of Jamers J. Andrews. After raiding, they were captured and imprisoned. Parrott and 14 other managed to escaped, on;y 6 managed to reach freedom. Parrott was exchanged and taken to Washington D.C to meet the president and recieved the Medal of Honor by the Secretary of State. He also served in the Union War.
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