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FDSCI 101 Day 18

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of FDSCI 101 Day 18

Phylogenies and Microevolution
Descent with Modification
What is a population?
Gene pool!
What is microevolution?
Mechanisms for microevolution


Gene Flow (migration)
Genetic drift (bottle neck, founders)
Nonrandom Mating
Natural Selection
Test question 1
Which of the following are not put forth in the Origin of Man statement of the 1st Presidency:
A. Man is a spiritual offspring of God
B. Adam is the First man of all men
C. Man is in the image of God
D. All living things were created as they are by God
E. God is an exhalted man

Test question 2
In speaking of evolution the church has said:
A. It is false.
B. That it was used in the creation.
C. Earth is only 6000 yr.
D. Earth is 4.5 billions yr.
E. Earth formed not created.

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