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Glencore International

No description

Adeel A.

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Glencore International

Largest company in Switzerland Largest commodities trading company in the world Commodities Trader $37b SHARE FLOAT 10% 24% Cu 50% Zi 60% OIL, GAS, COAL ALUMINIUM, IRON ORE & SUGAR FOUNDED 1974: MARC RICH $ IRANIAN OIL BREAKING US SANCTIONS TRADING WITH THE ENEMY Rich fled the US in 1983 TAX HAVEN Rich Continued to trade oil 1993 Failed to control the world zinc market Ivan Glasenberg 16% ownership "One of the great engimas of the corporate world" GLENCO ZAMBIA Bolivia, Ecuador, Democratic Republic of Congo... 2011 EIB STOPS NEW LOANS TO GLENCORE BRIBING EU OFFICIALS IN BELGIUM COMMODITIES TRADING COSTS HUMAN LIFE 2011-2012 15,9% 1.02 BILLION under poverty line "The emergence of a speculative bubble" "POWERFUL INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS" 2010 SUCCESSFULLY LOBBIED RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT PUSH UP THE PRICE 15% +1€ at the checkout ELSEWHERE Difference between life and death Supplying Aluminium for Nuclear Construction in Iran
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