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Massive Open Online Courese

No description

Ashley Biddle

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Massive Open Online Courese

What is it?
What other countries are using this technology?
Over 54 countries are using MOOC. The biggest users are America, China, Brazil and India.
How engaging is it?
MOOC helps making it engaging by using Discussion Boards and social media.
How easy is it to use?
MOOC is very easy to use. It's just like taking a dual enrollment class. It is all online with and instructor and classmates.
Massive Open Online Course
Thank you!
Home or in the classroom?
What other schools are using this technology?
Many schools are using MOOC. In fact if you are in dual enrollment you are using a form of a Massive Open Online Course.
What subjects can it be used for?

MOOC can be and is used for any subjects. Any subjects that you can take in elementary, middle, and high school are available to take on any MOOC. College classes are also available
MOOC can be used in both your house and your classroom. It is easily accessible from both.

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