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How Did Alexander the Great Change the World?

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ricky hammond

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of How Did Alexander the Great Change the World?

How did Alexander the Great Change The World?
Who Was Alexander the Great?
Alexander II of Macedonia was born On July 10th 356 B.C, and was Heir to the throne of Macedonia. His Father (Phillip II) was a great military leader who United the cities of Thebes and Athens Which lead to a peaceful Greece for the first time in History. However was never around to influence the Upbringing of Alexander.
His Mother (Olympias) Was very Influential in Alexanders life and Influenced him with tales Of Greek Mythology, These tales Inspired Alexander he personally admired Achilles whom many credit as the Original Super Hero.
He was educated by Aristotle and Developed a love for Poetry.
First Military Campaign
Alexander Lead His troops through Thracia and Onto Persia, However he heard news that the City of Thebes in the south of Greece was in a state of revolt against the Macedon Troops and Empire,
Alexander proceeded to turn around and March 30,000 men in Thebes, Consequently he destroyed th city and killed 6,000 Inhabitants.

The Persian and Egyptian campaigns.
At 16 Alexander completed his education with Aristotle, And whilst his father was away at work was left in charge of The Macedonian Capital, Pella.
Whilst his father was away A Thracian Tribe threatened to Attack the city, Alexander acted quickly and Crushed the Thracian Uprising. After driving the Thracians from the land, he colonised it with Greeks and founded a city, Alexandropolis.
Ascendency to the Throne
At the Age of 20, Alexanders Father, King Phillip was assassinated, This paved the way for Alexander to Ascend to the throne.... After Killing his half brother, Cousin and Step Mother. Alexander Became King of Macedon and Immediatley set about completing his Late fathers Ideas.
Darius III of Persia was The Next in the way of Alexanders armys, Despite being outnumbered by more than 100,000 men, Alexanders Military tactics gave him the victory at Gordium and then again at Issus.. However the Rest of Persia remainded un Conquered.
He Proceeded down into Egypt which fell without and resistance at all, The Egyptian people welcomed the coming of Alexander as he rid them of The Persians to the East.
He established the city of Alexandria and made it a crucial hub to connect Greece to the ever growing Empire they were establishing.
Assyria and Babylon
After Alexanders conquest of Eygpt, He turned to the north and marched upon the rest of the Persian Empire, Meeting Darius again at the Battle of Guagamela which Alexander won again. He pushed Darius back to the outskirts of Babylon and once outside of Babylon he drove his armys back and away from the city, Subsequently Alexander named himself King Of Babylonia.

Alexander The Great
Born June 20th 356BC - June 13th 323BC
King of Macedon 336BC - 323BC
King of Persia 330BC - 323BC
Pharoah Of Eygpt 332BC - 323BC
King Of Asia 331BC - 323 BC
Phillip II of Macedon 382BC - 336BC

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