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Catching Fire

No description

Nieves M. Lacasa

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Catching Fire

Catching Fire It´s the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. It develops in Panem.
In the first book they get alive after the Hunger Games. It was the first time it happens and it helps to create a rebellion against the Capitol Important Moments before the H.G Quarter Quell Games Skills and Marks The Quarter Quell Games The Last Part Quarter Quell Announce Katniss discovers District 13 Katniss: the main Character. Feelings and Acts Return to District 12 Main Characters New Characters (S.C) Second Characters Characters Primrose Everdeen
Gale Hawthorne
Effie Trinket Finnick Odair
Plutarch (new Head Gamemaker)
Beetee and Wiress When they are returning, they pass through all the Districts.
They can see how the create a rebellion with their acts
Their star-crossed lovers' image increased the rebellion.
The Districts that are trying to rebel are being punished The Quells celebrates anniversaries.
This one: 75th Games
The special part: Old winners have to re-enter to the odds (Peeta and Katniss) Peeta and Katniss know some of the other tributes.
The tributes show their abilities to the gamemakers
Peeta and Katniss get good marks The Arena is surrounded by water
Katniss allies with Finnick
Mags sacrifies herself to save their friends (Finnick, Peeta and Katniss)
Peeta is saved by other tribute when he was going to die
Wiress confeses the arena is a clock
Wiress dies
Katniss is bounded in the arena by Beetee's plan Katniss gets up and she realizes that she's not in the arena
An aircraft has rescued her.
In the aircraft are: Plutarch, Haymicht, Finnick, Beetee... (It was a master plot)
Peeta is not there. The Capitol got him
Gale is in the aircraft Katniss Everdeen
Peeta Mellark
President Snow
Haymitch Abernathy
Cinna They are from the first book but in this book they have in different parts, an important moment too These characters are from the first book too but they are not as important as the others These are new characters that are not mencionated in the first one. Most of them are tributes of the odds District 13 is known as the dead District because President Snow destroyed it when a rebellion was forming there.
People is taking refuge in District 13 for a rebellion.
Mockingjay is the symbol She has a confused heart between Peeta and Gale

Katniss shares the rebellion's plans with Haymicht

An Electric Fence tries not to let Katniss crossing through the woods. This book genre is:
Science Fiction
Action Only a year later they have to return to the odds Important Moments before the odds Katniss wears a wedding dress which transforms into a mockingjay dress (Rebellion)
Peeta says they are married and Katniss is pregnant
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