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Copy of Like Water for Chocolate Summary

No description

florencio agmata

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Like Water for Chocolate Summary

Tita and Nacha are preparing the wedding cake for Pedro and Rosaura's wedding. While making the cake Tita was crying and her tears was making the cake batter soggy. Later on Tita started to work on the icing but Nacha told Tita to take a rest so Tita left. When Tita left Nacha tastes the icing to make sure that Tita’s tears didn’t make it too salty but after tasting it she gets sick and was unable to attend the wedding. When Tita bumped into Pedro, Pedro tells Tita that he still loves her but Tita ends up ignoring him and Rosaura because she is very scared of Mama Elena. Later on, everyone started to eat the cake but as everyone ate the cake they started vomiting and Mama Elena accused Tita of poisoning the cake in purpose.
Tita was the best qualified of all the women in the house to fill the vacant post in the kitchen because Nacha died. Based on her feelings, Pedro decided to give Tita a bouquet of rose but Rosaura didn't agree. Just a look of Mama Elena sent Tita to get rid of the bouquet of roses. The pink rose turn to red rose because of the blood from Tita's chest and hands. She used the flowers in a dish with quail. When the quail was served, something strange happens to Gertudis. When the meal is complete, Gertrudis goes to prepare a shower to get rid of the pink sweat and rose-scented aroma she emits. The force of her heat and passion, still strong from the meal, causes the water from the ranch shower to evaporate on contact and eventually sets the structure on fire. Fleeing naked from the burning shower, Gertrudis is scooped up onto a galloping horse by a soldier in the revolutionary army, who was drawn to the area by her intoxicating scent. The soldier and Gertrudis ride off. She was sweating to death and in desperate to take shower. Juan took Gertudis naked with her loosened hair and her arms around him.
Like Water For Chocolate
When Tita was born Mama Elena was not able to produce milk because she was in shock from her husband’s death. Nacha, their cook agreed to take care of Tita. Tita was raised in the kitchen. Whenever Tita wasn’t in the kitchen she was serving Mama Elena. One day a guy named Pedro went to Tita’s house to get Mama Elena’s permission for Tita’s hand in marriage but Mama Elena refuses because they had a family tradition that the youngest child could not get married and that she has to take care of her mother till the day she dies. Mama Elena offers her second daughter Rosaura. Pedro and his father agree to marry Rosaura so Pedro could be near Tita.
De La Garza Family
Dr. John Brown
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
The busy preparations for another wedding find Tita and Chencha working hard in the kitchen. It seems, at first, that this is the wedding of Tita and John; however, it is slowly revealed that many years have passed and the celebration honors the union of Esperanza and Alex, John Brown's son. Tita and Pedro agreed that Esperanza's wishes be respected, while Rosaura upheld the tradition that her mother had forced on Tita. After days of violent arguments, Rosaura dies, still suffering from her unpleasant disorder. Her funeral was poorly attended because of the unbearable smell still emanating from her body.
Rosaura's death left Esperanza free to marry Alex. After the beautiful wedding of Esperanza and Alex, Tita and Pedro are finally left on the ranch alone, with no one to keep them apart. They make love for the first time inside the black room that had been transform into a romantic place. all the furniture had disappeared, there was just the brass bed standing royally in the middle of the room. the silk sheets and bedspread were white, like the floral rug that covered the floor and the 250 candles that lit up the now inappropriately name dark room. Without restraint or fear of interruption, and experience bliss so wonderful that Tita views a luminous tunnel leading toward the spirit world. Remembering how John Brown told her of this possibility and how the soul will return through this tunnel, Tita calms herself so that she might continue living and experiencing her newfound joy. She could feel Pedro's heart pounding against her chest. suddenly the pounding ceased. He has died and enters the tunnel in vision afforded him by his bliss. Tita desperately wishes to have gone with him.
In order to spark again the inner fire that opened up for her a passage to death, Tita consumes the candles that lit the room up until the moment of Pedro's passing. The tunnel again opens itself to Tita, and this time she sees the figure of Pedro at its end. Tita leaves the world to go to him. When she meets him, their spirit bodies create sparks that set fire to the ranch. The fire is full of beautiful explosions that the townspeople mistake for fireworks celebrating the wedding of Esperanza and Alex.
The ranch is joyous by the presence of so many houseguests, as Gertrudis and her army stay for more than a week. Tita shares her problem with her sister and Gertrudis calmly hears Tita's story and offers support. She urges Tita to talk with Pedro about the pregnancy. At first, Pedro is joyous and wants to run away with Tita, but he then remembers his family. Neither is sure what should be done. That night, the ghost of Mama Elena appears, angered by the sight of Pedro drunkenly looking for Tita under the window. The ghost threatens Tita violently, ordering her to leave the house. Tita stands up to the ghost, expelling her with strong words: "I know who I am! A person who has a perfect right to live her life as she pleases. Once and for all, leave me alone, I won't put up with you! I hate you, I've always hated you!" That word banishes the haunting spirit of Mama Elena, which shrinks into a small, spinning light. At the same instant, Tita feels changes in her body: Her swollen belly is eased, her pained breasts are soothed, and she lets loose a "violent menstrual flow." Meanwhile, the spinning light has turned into a small fireball. It bursts through the window of Tita's room and onto the patio below, where Pedro remains in a drunken stupor. The fireball causes an oil lamp near Pedro to explode, setting fire to his entire body. Everyone rushes to Pedro's side, with Tita weeping uncontrollably and Rosaura trying to be the dutiful wife. When Pedro cries out for Tita alone, Rosaura is humiliated and locks herself in her room for a week. Tita is consumed with caring for Pedro. Soon after this incident, Gertrudis and her regiment leave the ranch. On the same day, John returns from the United States. Tita is happy to see him, but dreads the news she must deliver.
Cream Fritters
Now that Mama Elena is dead, Tita is free from the tradition that prevented her from getting married. Tita is very excited to get married with John Brown but her excitement is distracted by Rosaura’s second child that she named Esperanza. Tita gave that name because it means hope and she wants her niece to escape the family tradition that prevented her from marrying and she didn’t want Pedro to name the baby Josefita (Tita's real name). Tita helps raise Esperanza because Rosaura can’t, due to the difficult delivery and unable to nurse. Tita raises Esperanza the same way Nacha raised her, in the kitchen giving the same teas and gruels that Nacha gave to her. Rosaura starts to envy Tita because she is close to Esperanza, so Rosaura announces that Esperanza can’t marry. This announcement with Pedro trying to talk her out of marrying John Brown created a horrible rage in Tita. This rage makes her prepare a meal called champandongo to serve during Johns visit to propose to Tita. When Tita was preparing it she felt a big heat inside of her and that heat combined with the heat in the kitchen created an intense steam. Suddenly, Tita starts to get irritated by everything around her. Tita's feelings are said to be like water for chocolate, which is boiled many times before using it. Tita’s anger would rise very high but lower when Chencha arrived. When Chencha arrived, Tita went to get ready while Chencha cooked. Tita went to shower in the outside bathroom, as she was showering the water got so hot that it started burning her skin so she opens her eyes thinking the bathroom would be on fire but instead she sees Pedro watching her so she leaves. Later on John arrives and before dinner John asks Pedro (the head of the household) for his permission for Tita’s hand in marriage. Pedro agrees, so John gives Tita a diamond ring and leaves to America to pick up her aunt for the wedding. After dinner Tita had to clean alone and Pedro confronts her in a small room where mama used to bathe. Pedro then takes Tita to a bed in the room and takes her virginity. Rosaura and Chencha sees “phosphorescent plumes” and a strange glow coming from that room but they were scared to go near because they thought it was Mama Elena’s ghost.
This month’s recipe; northern style chorizo. They had decided to make the sausage because it’s one of the best ways to use the meat from a pig economically and get food that both tastes good and keeps well, without risk of spoiling.

Troops of soldiers were approaching the ranch and meets Mama Elena. The revolutionaries ask if they would help the cause, with the sergeant frustrated with what they could only get, he tries to go in the house but Mama Elena pull out her shot gun and shot the chicken he was holding. With Mama Elena’s gazes the solider left peacefully. The general that had come was the same person who had carried off her daughter some months ago. When Tita came out of hiding all the dove was gone except a little new born pigeon.
Mama Elena made Pedro and Rosaura leave the ranch earlier to Texas.

Behind Mama Elena came chencha weeping inconsolably with bad news; “his dead”. Tita’s nephew had died, instead of obeying mama Elena orders Tita started to tear apart all the sausage she could reach screaming wildly. Tita then took the baby pigeon and a pail full of worms to the dove cote. Mama Elena ordered to take away the ladder to the dovecote. The next morning Chencha was asked to get Tita down from the dovecote. The pigeon that was with Tita died and Tita was acting crazy. Towards dark Dr. John Brown was able to bring down Tita all dressed.
Ox-Tail Soup
Chencha visits Tita and brought ox-tail soup for Tita. After Tita took a spoonful of the ox-tail soup she starts to feel better. Tita starts to remember the best time of her life, which was with Nacha in the kitchen. Chencha also brought news that Tita's name is no longer spoken at the ranch and she also brought a letter from Gertrudis. Tita later asks Chencha to return to the ranch to tell Mama Elena that Tita will not return. After Chencha leaves John Brown proposes to Tita. When Chencha returns to the ranch a group of bandits attack the ranch and rapes her, the bandits also thrashes Mama Elena. Tita then returns to the ranch to help Mama Elena. One day Tita made ox-tail soup but Mama Elena refuses to eat it because she thinks Tita poisoned it. Mama Elena only ate the food that Chencha would make so Tita secretly made food for Mama Elena but Mama Elena finds out because of the bitter taste in Tita’s food so Mama Elena fires Chencha. Now Tita would cook food for Mama Elena but Mama Elena would make her taste the food first before she ate it. Eventually Mama Elena dies from over dosing on ipecac. The day of Mama Elena’s wake service Tita was dressing Mama Elena’s dead body and while doing this she finds a set of keys that opens a box of love letters. These letters state that as a young lady Elena loved a mulatto man but her parents forbid it and forced her to marry her future husband (Tita’s dad). Elena continued this affair with this mulatto man and eventually got pregnant and gave birth to Gertrudis. Elena planned on running away with her love but he was killed so she stayed with her husband. At the funeral Tita promises to never renounce love, she feels ready to accept John as her true love and companion but she still loves Pedro.
Tita was really excited to prepare the mole the day before the baptism. Tita was on her knees, bent over the grinding stone. Under her blouse, her breast moved freely. When Tita looked up without stopping her grinding, Tita's eyes met Pedro's. They stayed at the amorous ecstasy until Pedro lowered his eyes and stared steadily at Tita's breast. Tita finished preparing the mole alone, since the minute she heard the news that Rosaura was unable to feed her child, Chencha left to the village to find another nurse. Everyone tried to make the baby stop crying. There was no hope in making the baby stop crying so Tita pulled up her blouse, and made the baby suck her nipple. Tita was surprise when she moved the baby’s head milk drip out her nipple. When Mama Elena walked into the kitchen, Tita was finished adjusting her blouse properly. On the day of baptism, Rosaura has to limit her appearance so, Tita took her place. The mole she prepared was delicious. Everyone was asking what's her secret but shame to answer because Pedro was next to her. They couldn't take the child away from her now. And Mama Elena managed.
This month’s recipe; a recipe for making matches. After finding out her nephew had died, and getting hit by Mama Elena, then being struck at the dove cote Tita is now ill. She is staying at Dr. John browns house after Mama Elena order her to be at a madhouse. There she is able to be free of her mother’s orders but doesn’t talk anymore.
An Indian lady was making tea and the smell of it got tita's attention. The Indian lady – kikapu, is an Indian that John’s grandfather had captured and brought back to live with him. With her medicine skills kikapu ended up being the family doctor for John Brown’s family. Kikapu smiled inviting Tita, and gave her a cup. From then on she had visited her everyday but gradually Dr. Brown began to appear instead of the women. Dr Brown talked to Tita about kikapu and then talked about how everyone is born with a box of matches inside us, and each person has to discover what will set off those explosions in order to live.
Tita still remain silent, so Dr. Brown showed a game to her, to make Tita express her thoughts and have freedom once again.
Chocolate and Three Kings Day Bread
Tita is scared that she might become pregnant because she and Pedro had sex. She has to cancel her engagement to John Brown now because she is not virgin. She thinks about these thoughts during the preparation of King's Day bread. This recipe recalls memories of Nacha and Gertudis. While Tita's was baking the bread, Rosaura went to her and ask for help. Rosaura's suffering from digestive problems that makes her breath smells bad and makes her gain weight. Rosaura asks for further assistance with her illness and her marriage. Tita agrees and provide her a recipe to cure her bad breath. Mama Elena ghost enters the kitchen with a cold chill. She curses the baby and the relationship between Pedro and Tita. That night, during the party held for the festival of Three Kings, Gertrudis returns to the ranch. Now a general in the revolutionary army, Gertrudis is a veteran of many battles, and the ranch spends the rest of the night listening to her improbable stories. Tita is very happy.
Tita is busy nursing Pedro back to health after getting burnt. She is certain that she must call off the engagement to John Brown because she is no longer a virgin. While Tita prepares tamales for dinner, Rosaura emerges from her room. Rosaura confronts Tita about her relationship with Pedro, claiming that she has been made a laughingstock. Tita finally voices her anger at Rosaura for marrying Pedro in the first place. Rosaura bitterly insults Tita as a "loose woman" and says that she will no longer let Esperanza be in her presence.
When Tita went back to the kitchen she finds that her tamales are not ready for the meal. She remembers Nacha's wise saying that when people argue while preparing tamales, the tamales won't get cooked. in a case like that, you have to sing to them which makes them happy; then they'll cook. Tita conjures up all of her happiest memories and sings to the beans. As she sang to the beans images of pedro in the dark room flooded her mine. When Tita open her eyes and took a bean to test it, she saw that now the beans were done perfectly.
As the dinner went on John senses that Tita is disturbed. The two talk in Spanish to keep the matter from John's aunt (who is deaf and can only read lips in English), Tita reveals everything to John. Though disappointed, John says that he still loves Tita and is willing to marry her despite her relations with Pedro. However, he asks her to decide for herself with which man she wants to spend her life.
Upon returning from their honeymoon, Esperanza and Alex find the ranch burned to the ground. They discover, under many layers of ash, a cookbook that contains all the recipes mastered by Tita.
Main Characters
Mama Elena
The eldest daughter of Mama Elena. She is the offspring of a hidden, love affair between Mama Elena and her true love, a Mulatto man.
Mama Elena is the source of Tita's suffering. She keeps Tita from her true love Pedro. Mama Elena herself once suffered from a lost love.
The youngest daughter of Mama Elena. She is Prohibited to marry by the family tradition so that she will be free to take care of her mother later in life
The second daughter of Mama Elena, she marries Pedro and have 2 kids with him. her first child Roberto, dies as an infant; her second, Esperanza who was prohibited from marrying like tita.
The second child of Rosaura and Pedro. She is raised by Tita in the kitchen, her marriage to Alex breaks the De La Garza family tradition.
The first child of Rosaura and Pedro, he dies in america after being taken away from Tita's care.
The ranch cook, she is the one who took care for Tita throughout her Childhood, and provides her with the love and support that Mama Elena fails to give.
The ranch maid, she becomes Tita's companion in the kitchen after Nacha's death,
Tita's true love. The father of Roberto and Esperanza. Denied marriage by Mama Elena, he agrees to marry Rosaura to be closer to Tita.
An american who cares for Tita when she experiences a breakdown, and the father of Alex. He eventually falls in love with Tita and helps rehabilitate her soul. Tita becomes engaged to him, but eventually denies him marriage to pursue Pedro.
The son of Dr. John Brown. He marries Esperanza.
Others to know
Chrismas Rolls
Chabela Wedding Cake
Quail in Rose Petal Sauce
Turkey Mole with Almonds and Sesame Seed
Northern-style Chorizo
Beans with Chile Tezcucana-style
Chiles in Walnut Sauce
By: Flo,Jez,Des
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