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Gabby Reyerson

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Biotechnology

I researched a recent biotech product called artificial lymph nodes. These would be useful in generating immune cells and strong immunological responses for a weak immune system. There have been different approaches to replicate lymph nodes including bio-materials, application of different cell types, and culture systems.
Artificial lymph nodes are used to replicate micro-environments in lymph nodes. So far, there has been no fully engineered lymph node that can function properly, but there has been progress in microenvironments to help with the protection of immune responses.
Bio-engineering a lymph node would be difficult because of the complexity from a variety of cell types and lymphoid structure; the lymph node is extremely complex and is extremely dense in cells.
Scientists have used bio-tech techniques to recreate immunological interactions. There has been progress using membrane-based perfusions systems.
Another bio-tech technique is the production of tissue architecture. This could be assessed after loading a bioreactor which is a device that supports a biologically active environment.
Artificial lymph nodes are tissue engineering and regenerate medicine and the goal for this is to develop synthetic versions of organs for transplants.
This wasn't necessarily discovered but instead created to fix the problem of people with a lack of an immune system and lymph nodes.
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