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Human Powered Bicycle Generator

No description

Ekaterina Taunova

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Human Powered Bicycle Generator

Human Powered Bicycle Generator
Design Specific Installation
Building Process
With the help from Pr. Chuck Agosta and Physics major volunteers
Project Outcomes
Katia Taunova & Maddie Ohno
Energy produced from the human body
Can be used to produce electricity
Many practical applications of HP

Human Power (HP)
Sustainability Hub
Sustainability Hub at 912 Main Street in Worcester, MA
Conservation of Energy
Importance of the project
Visible Energy Generation
-People will see how much energy it actually takes to generate a Watt

Contribution to Campus Sustainability
-Clark’s Climate Action Plan
Energy Conservation Behavior Awareness

Pedal Power Prime Mover (PPPM) by David Butcher
36” diameter wood flywheel
Estimated to be 25% more efficient than converting bikes to electrical generators
Uses friction drive rather than a chain drive

• Energy Education (how can we raise awareness)
• Research & Analysis from James and Ada B. Bickman Fitness Center
• Storage and demonstration location
• Looked at Energy Consumption on Campus & Make Recommendations
• Found volunteers for building ppm

This Semester:
Next Semester:

• Assemble Installation
• Demonstration
• Get parts for PPM

Professor and Chair of Physics


Patricia Cronin (Assistant Athletic Director of the Kneller Athletic Center at Clark University)
Scott Guzman (Engineer and Clean Energy Entrepreneur)
Charles Agosta (Professor and Chair of Physics at Clark University)
Jenny Isler (Campus Sustainability Coordinator at Clark University)
Matt Warndorf (Worcester Earn-a-Bike)
Jennie Stephens (Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Policy)
Jordan Pierre-Jerome (Clark Bike Share)
Xavier Stein (Clark Sustainability Collaborative)



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