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Consumerism: Pros & Cons (:

Social Research Assignment

Faith Lieu

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Consumerism: Pros & Cons (:

Cons Reason One: Advertisements can help inform
people about health information ! For
example, people would be able to know
needs for a certain blood type, or learn
more about bullying, smoking etc. Reason Two: They can help increase the want/demand
of a product which could help create more
job opportunities for people. They could also
help increase our QOL by keeping prices lower
because the advertisements would pay for
some/most of the products. Reason One: You could be wasting useful and limited resources. You
could be using the resources to make the products and
just trick people into buying them. This could also create more pollution which negatively affect our environment and economy. Reason Two:
Advertisements can sometimes try and take
advantage of your emotions just to help them
earn money whether you want it or not. They
might make something look/sound really good using
different techniques such as, glittering generalities,
testimonials, bandwagon effect etc. Resolution In my opinion, I believe that advertising can be a good thing. Although it can negatively affect our environment, they can help inform people about it through adds which could help! Ads can also help inform you about the new demands and wants, and improve our quality's of life. Pros Consumerism: Advertising Is advertising a good thing, or
bad thing as a factor of consumerism? Resources: - http://schoolnet.org.za/learningcircles/pubs06-2/P10/findings.html
- http://www.english-online.at/media/advertising/pros-and-cons-of-advertising.htm
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