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The sun

No description

Trevor Young

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of The sun

The Sun The sun rotates in its once every 27 days. The sun is 109 times bigger than earth,and is 333,000 hevier. If you put the sun on a scale,you'll need 333,000 objects that weigh as much as the earth on the other side to make it ballance. The sun formed four and a half billion years ago. Looking directly at the sun will permanantly damage your eyes,because it is so bright. This is a space telescope used for examining over-time space progress. The sun is about 93 million miles away from earth. If you could travel to te sun in a day,you would need about 750 years to reach the next star. the sun doesnt look very big in the sky, but it is 860,000 miles across. The sun is made up of hot glowing gases,the gases are hottest right at the center of the sun or the core. The suns core is about 27 million degrees.Even if we was 93 million miles away from the sun,we can still feel the suns heat!
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