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The Cheesecake Factory

Advertising Campaign COMM 424

Alanna Slate

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of The Cheesecake Factory

ending growth stage
approaching maturity Life Cycle The Facts Product Class upscale casual
average check price $15 - $25
TCF average check price $19 Advertising Competition TCF's Main Competitor Market Leader Leader in Niche Market upscale casual asian cuisine
high usage among target group Target Group Females 25-34 Environment Social Political & Economic SWOT Strengths large menu
leave with leftovers
employee knowledge Weaknesses lack advertising
negative association with brand name Opportunities Skinnylicious menu
purchase of alcohol
with meal Threats small market share
sales vs. competitors
lack of locations Strengths Large Menu Leave with Leftovers Employee Knowledge Weaknesses Currently Lack Advertising Negative Association with Brand Name Opportunities Skinnylicious Menu Alcohol Purchased with Meal Threats Small Market Share Sales in Comparison to Competitors Lack of Locations Objectives marketing Positive attributes that The Cheesecake Factory should take advantage of and promote to its target audience 200+ menu selections
50 varieties of cheesecake
menu review every 6 months
something for everyone large portion sizes
80% leave with to-go bag
word-of-mouth advertising score 90%
on menu test Issues The Cheesecake Factory has to address & improve upon to enhance the image of the brand TCF spends less than 1%
of sales on advertising Misconception of only serving desserts areas in the marketplace that The Cheesecake Factory can differentiate themselves
from the competition separate menu with 50 options of 590 calories
or less including cocktails, apps & entrees popular with the target group & used to increase sales Issues in the product category that, if not addressed, can jeopardize the success of the brand companies with multiple brands have the largest share of the market TCF: 162
P.F. Chang's: 201
Applebees: 2,019 Alcohol Dessert Skinnylicious Skinnylicious Increase awareness of the “Skinnylicious” Menu from 31.63% to 62% as measured by surveys for women ages 25-34 during the campaign time frame from June 1st, 2013 to May 31st, 2014. Dessert Sales Maintain the 15% of sales from desserts at The Cheesecake Factory throughout the campaign time frame from June 1st, 2013 to May 31st, 2014 among women ages 25-34 by tracking company sales and financial information. Alcohol Sales Increase sales of alcohol at The Cheesecake Factory from 13% to 17% among women ages 25-34 between June 1st, 2013 and May 31st, 2014 by tracking company sales and financial information. Objectives advertising Brand Image Atmosphere Brand Image Atmosphere Improve the perception women
ages 25-34 have about the atmosphere of
The Cheesecake Factory from a rating of 6.43 to an ideal rating of 8.26 from June 1st, 2013 to May 31st, 2014 by administering opinion surveys. Alanna Slate Tyler Segalla Nina Powderly Logan James timeline & contingency plan administer additional surveys inc/dec frequency of spot ads timeline & contingency plan timeline & contingency plan measurement tool: track sales & finances meausurement
tool: surveys measurement tool:
track sales & finances inc/dec
social media
promotion alter media selections inc/dec
social media
promotions alter media selections timeline & contingency plan measurement tool: surveys in spot markets conduct focus groups inc/dec spending for Skinnylicious timeline & contingency plan measurement tool: surveys in spot markets conduct
focus groups increase
length of
TV spots Multi-Attribute Model MEAN IMPORTANCE RATING Food Quality Price (Inverse) 9.19 8.76 Menu
Selection 8.56 Service
Quality 8.56 Atmosphere 7.84 MEAN BELIEF RATING = Ideal Mean Rating Budget 10-15% of revenue
TCF spends <1%
relies on word-of-mouth Industry standard: 10-15% of revenue $10 million
budget '13-'14 TCF could spend at least $176 million 5 6 7 8 9 Budget Allocation National vs. Spot Market TCF Locations Selected Spot Markets 1. Boston, MA
2. Chicago, IL
3. Houston, TX
4. Miami, FL
5. Philadelphia, PA
6. Phoenix, AZ
7. San Francisco, CA
8. Washington, DC Schedule: flighting GRPs Per Month Total % of HH = 16.8% National June
January Spot + Spot May
December Only Social Media September
April Media Selection morning & evening drive cable TV direct mail spot only Radio Television Commercial Direct Mail Billboard nice atmosphere
200 restaurants in the US Campaign Evaluation Re-administer Surveys Throughout Campaign Client-Agency Checkups Thank Questions? Suggestions 15 second spot Improve brand perception in regards to
how healthy women ages 25 to 34 perceive
The Cheesecake Factory to be
from a rating of 3.74 to 6.00 through surveys
starting June 1st, 2013 through May 31st, 2014. #50daysofcheesecake #50daysofcheesecake Social Media large market share largest advertising budget targets people ages 18-40 offers a light menu
(6 items with <695 calories) largest share of market most restaurant locations light menu (7 items, <550 c.) 1.21 million females (25-34) eat at TCF Educated
Work full-time
Live in urban areas Okay to indulge
Well-balanced diets
Social & outgoing & Cultural Monitor consumer eating
Food trends
Health conscious & Legal U.S. Food & Drug Administration Contingency plans for potential lawsuits Technological Innovations Unemployment Attribute Multi Actionable
Set Target
Profile Model Message Strategy Health rating
Perception of atmosphere
Awareness of Skinnylicious menu Sales of desserts
Sales of alcohol you! Comments 30 second spot conversation between
server & female patron
female narrator Guilt Free Confession Media Quintile Analysis Direct Mail Spot Cable Media Flight Plan Reach & Frequency Goals Radio Outdoor media Advertising Campaign
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