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Aaron Williams - Wind Power

No description

Williams Aaron

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Aaron Williams - Wind Power

Advantages Harnessing Wind Power is economically and environmentally friendly. Although there is an initial cost of manufacturing and the cost of upkeep the wind is free, and the money saved will make up for those expenses. Wind Power also does not create any air pollution so it is healthy for our environment. Description Wind Power is a renewable Alternative Energy Source. Wind Power has been used to pump water,power ships, and mill grains. The most common use of Wind Power is generating electricity. As the wind blows the turbines turn a generator and produce electricity. Wind Power Disadvantages Wind Powered Turbines require open land and constant winds to generate sufficient energy. Less than 15% of America is able to have wind turbines. Furthermore migrating birds and insects can be killed by the turning blades, and some people see them as unattractive ,visual pollution. My Thoughts Wind Power has more positives than negatives. If the United States ass well as other countries use this energy it will be cost-efficient which helps the economy save money. It will also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide used by fossil fuels to stop global warming.
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