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Move it! Using Movement to Enhance Learning and Student Enga

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Sarah Benes

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Move it! Using Movement to Enhance Learning and Student Enga

Move it! Using Movement to Enhance Learning and Student Engagement
Primes the brain for learning
Gets blood flowing
Brings oxygen to the brain
No more blank stares!
We can only take in so much information at a time ("chunk" information)
A quick break can allow students to process information
Anchor for learning
Movement can help students refocus
Increase attention
Class Community
Enhances sense of community
Positive Learning Environment
My Experience
Personally, I love that we use movement in this classroom. Sometimes courses are very fast paced and stressful-- movement not only helps me feel more relaxed about the material but moving is also fun! I find that when I am having fun I remember the material better. Perhaps if teachers were to use movement in the classroom, other students will also remember the material better.
Movement is a great way to give our brains a couple minute break to absorb the information we just learned, and then get it ready to focus on the new information that is coming toward us.

Movement will make class more exciting and engaging, making us focus more on the material presented and excited to learn it.

I think in college, professors forget that, in some ways, we are still kids too, and would enjoy and benefit from more youthful, sillier activities in class, even if it's just for a couple of minutes.

I've really enjoyed learning how to incorporate movement in the classroom; it doesn't take that much time to prepare and the rewards, such as increased energy, attentiveness, and understanding of content, are extremely beneficial for any age group.

I think that movement is crucial in the classroom because some people in my classes are always dozing off. If the professor had the students get up and move around, they would be much more attentive and awake.
"Movement in the classroom has allowed me to stay more focused and attentive in class. As a college student it has limited my distractions and allowed me to focus my extra energy on learning."
Increased sense of community
Increased attention
Increased focus
Higher energy level
Increased engagement
Beginning of the Semester
Group Juggling
Active Icebreakers
People Bingo
That's me
Human Knot
Establish movement as a norm
Get out of (or into) your comfort zone
You will need to be a role model
Decide how you will integrate movement
Moving with PURPOSE
Retain information
Plan some activities/ideas
During the semester
Every lesson/lecture plan at least one movement activity
Reinforce information
Every 20-30 min of class time do something to get students moving
When energy feels low
When YOU need a quick break
Before a quiz or exam

End of Semester
Poll students about their experience
Evaluate how you will use movement moving forward
Thank you!
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