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The element of hero's journey

No description

Sally An

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of The element of hero's journey

The Hero's Journey Unusual Birth: Unusual Birth: Percy Jackson is twelve years old at Yangcy Acandeny, a private school for troubled kids in upstate New York. He always got in trouble in many ways like field trips. Unusual Birth: Tony Stark is visionary, genius, and an American patriot. Even from an early age, the son of legendary weapons developer Howard Stark quickly stole the spotlight with his brilliant and unique mind. At age four, he built his first circuit board. At age six, his first engine. And age 17, he graduated from MIT. Supernatural helper: It is a smart monkey who is called Babon.
Crossing the threshold: He is going to go back home in order to save his family. Trials: Simba saved his mother from his uncle, cross desert and fight with his uncle. Achievement of goal: He became a real lion king and killed his uncle. Reconciliation with a father figure: Mustufa. Returns home: Simba roared like his father on top of mountain. Percy Jackson Lion King Unusual Birth:
Simba is a special lion that everybody stand in the bottom of the mountain in order to see his birth with a ray of sunshine.
The call to adventure:
Simba’s father dead. His uncle let Simba go away since he want to be a king of this place. Simba have no choice, he have to get away here because he thought he killed his father. The call to adventure: Mrs. Dodds turn to a strange monster and want to kill Percy, at that time his teacher Mr.Brunner throw the pen to Percy. Then the pen turn to sword and he use the seord kill Mrs. Dodds.
Grover tell Percy that he is a half and Grover’s task is protect him.
Annabeth want to Percy save the world. Supernatural helper: Grover and Mr. Chiron
Talisman or special weapons: Annabeth had got a invisible cap from Athena.
Grover had got flying shoes from Luke.
Percy had got a pen which can become sword. Grossing the threshold:
He killed the monster and he was brought to Half-blood Hill. Trails: He met Mrs. Dodds. In fact, Mrs. Dodds was a monster.
Percy, Grover and Mrs. Jackson met a monster. They killed it, but his mother “died”
Percy met Medusa.
Percy, Annabeth and Grover are in a trap made by Ares.
Percy met Chimera and Echidna on the top of the Arch. Achievement of goal: Percy gave helm back to Hades and returned lighting bolt to Zeus and saved his mum. Reconciliation with a father-figure: Poseidon. Returns home: Percy returned Half-blood Hill. Star Wars Luke skywalker. The call to adventure: Hologram apperaed with blue light. The princess said: You are my only hope". Supernatural helper: Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Talisman or special weapon: Light saber.
Crossing the threshold: They stayed with aliens.
Trials: They want to get out of thr Death Star and saved the princess. They wore enemies' clothes and nearly died. They were in trouble. Achievement of goal: Luke saved the princess and recaped from the Death Star. Returns home: Luke returned home by spaceship and finished his goal. Unusual Birth: Oftentimes there are unusual circumstsances surrounding the birth of a hero. The hero is frequently born to royalty or has a god or goddess as one of his or her parents. The hero is sometimes in danger at birth and needs to be hidden or disguised. The call to adventure: When the a hero is called to leave home, he or she may refuse to leave at first, only to be convinced, tricked, or forced into leaving later. In other cases, the hero leaves willingly. Still other times, the hero begins the journey on accident. Supernatural helper: The hero is usually aided by someone, often ole and wise, with magical and mystical power. This figure serves as a guide and mentor as the hero embarks into a new world and faces challenges to his or her life and character. Talisman or special weapon: The hero often has a weapon or protective device given to him or her that will be useful on the journey. The supernatural helper may be the one to give the hero the weapon or to tell him or her about it. Trials: The hero has to succeed at a series of trials that challenge and build his or her moral strength and character. Sometimes, one of these trials involves a descent into the underworld where the hero may experience a wound that cannot be healed. Crossing the threshold: At some point, the hero leaves the familiar, safe world of childhood and home and enters fully into the new world of the journey. Achievement of goal: Upon successful completion of the trials, the hero achieves the ultimate goal od the journey. The goal may be an object, such as the Holy Grail; a conceptual task, such as the destruction of the destruction of the Empire and Death Star; or knowledge or a state of being as in the story of Buddha. Reconciliation with a father- figure: If a division or conflict with the hero's father or father-figure is part of the hero's journey, reconciliation or healing with the father occurs as part of the hero's journey. Returns home: The hero, sometimes willinglt and sometimes unwillingly, again crosses the threshold and returns home. He ro she brings new wisdom and important cultural values back to the community upon return. Iron man* The call to adventure: He was caught by Afghan army. They asked Tony to build the missile, he refused. Supernatural helper: A man is called Yinsen from a small town called Gulmira and his assistant is called Pepper. Grossing the threshold: He began to build Iron man instead of missile. Trials: Yinsen had dead because he saved Tony's life. Achievement of goal: He successfully escaped from the enermy's amy. He built a better Iron man and saved poor people. Finally, he killed his boss-Obadiah. Reconciliation with a father figure: Howard Stark, a famous person who is a weapons developer. Returns home: He returns America.
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