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Innovation with Information

Liberating and Harnessing Data to Keep Pace with the Needs & Empower Workers.

Xavier Hughes

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Innovation with Information

Innovation with Information Our Conversation Open Government: Lessons Learned, Best Practices and the Power of Crowd-Sourcing.

What We Are Doing Today: Mobility, Partnerships & Culture of Continuous Improvement.

What's Next: The Evolution of Our Open Government & Innovation Agenda. “The power of digital information to catalyze progress is limited only by the power of the human mind. Data are not consumed by the ideas and innovations they spark, but are an endless fuel for creativity. A small bit of information, well found, can drive a giant leap of creativity. The power of a data set can be amplified by ingenuity through applications unimagined by the authors and distant from the original field.” Harnessing the Power of Digital Data for Science and Society
Report of the Interagency Working Group on Digital Data
Committee on Science, National Science and Technology Council January 2009 We then developed partnerships with hundreds of developer, non-profit organizations, learning institutions & entrepreneur communities. We Evolved To:

Application Programming Interface (API).

Software Development Kits (SDK).

Sample Code for Every Dominant Mobile Platform. We Started with Data Tables. GitHub Code for America InterviewStreet Code Academy Launched 7 national data competitions: Worker Safety, Equal Pay, Disability, Labor Indicators, Enforcement, Smart Retirement & Women Veterans. What We Are Doing Today Innovation Through Progression Harvard Carnegie Mellon Google Yahoo! Bing Ning Salary.com GE 3M Discovery Channel Bitly Open Data: Best Practices How do you Effectively Liberate GovernmentData? Data Must Be Complete, Primary & Timely. Data Must Be Accessible & Machine Readable. Data Must Be Non-Proprietary & offered in Open Source Formats. Data Must Be License-Free While Protecting Privacy. Partner with entrepreneurs, researchers, and others who can use the data to generate new products and services, build businesses, and create jobs! Open Government What's Next? Launched Developer.DOL.gov 2011 1st Ever Data Contest Focused on Enforcement Data & Economic Indicators Launched DOL Developer, Innovation and Customer Service Communities of Practice 2012 2013 2010 Kicked-Off Customer Service Modernization Program Established a Data-Driven, Evidence-Based Management Model Published Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Mobile Development Launched Multiple National Data Contests: Equal Pay, Disability Employment, Worker Safety & Health Co-Sponsoring Safety.Data.Gov Facilitate a discussion around and awareness of our Nation's public safety activities. Showcase Private Sector DOL Data Usage on Alpha.Data.gov Examples of entrepreneurs & innovators' usage of DOL data to facilitate consumer services, amplify our mission & create jobs. Innovator in Residence 8 week program working on special projects & intensive collaboration with universities. Twitter: @Xavier_Hughes #USDOLInnovation Innovators in Residence & Partnerships Liberating and Harnessing Data
to Keep Pace with the Needs & Empower Workers. Xavier Hughes
Chief Innovation Officer
U.S. Department of Labor Developing a marketplace for entrepreneurs and technologists to develop marketable & lucrative solutions using government data. Wages. Retirement. Worker Safety. Mine Safety. Education. Solutions for consumers, organizations, government. Employee Benefits. = Job creators. Revenue Generators. Life savers. Thank you. Sunlight Foundation Catalyst Powered by The White House and
covered by the Washington Post,
New York Times, Forbes, Mashable, etc.
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