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Copy of Crowd funding campaign project

No description

Shira Prigat

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Crowd funding campaign project

Crowdfunding with give2gether
The Project Landing page
give2gether is based on ten years of behavioral economics research and four years of live testing on what makes people give, why people give online and what makes them inspire others.
SPNI & give2gether
Choosing the 1st project

Shira Prigat , New Media

The #1 reason people give is because someone they know asked them. There are a few ways to make a campaign go viral:
Social Networks
give2gether has reports for visitor sources so you can do more of what is working better (conversion).
3-2-1 ...lift off
In order to succeed, the project needs to be :
-the donor should feel his donation is needed now
- the project should touch the donor's heart so he would feel connected

- the project should not be general but something the donor could understand
- the donor should feel his donation meant something that helped the cause and not lost among other donations
- the cost should be reasonable
Designing the page is important for the campaign success
- using our advertising company we designed a whole language to work out with the theme of the campaign, combining SPNI values. The graphics includes a banner, a donation meter, buttons a before-after thank you image and page colors.
- thinking of an appealing text for donors to feel touched by. Keeping in mind the children that might see the project and get offended by the use of wording such as youth-at-risk. The texts included the project breakdown, Q&A, and the main call to action
- nowadays, people's attention is very short, if you want to get their attention, a video is a great way to do so. To save costs, and make it more emotional, we created the video ourselves. (Starring - my hand)
Project statistics
Soft Launch:
The campaign was launched with friends, family and employees, to allow us to see how it works with receipts, thank you letters and processing the money transfers. This way we ironed out any minor issues prior to sending our first big email blast to our mailing list the following day.
Each project should recruit "
" - people that care for the project on a personal level and have an interest seeing it reaching the goal.
On this project we chose our CEO - Kosha Pakman to lead the way for other leaders and employees as well as the Kadima Youth Center in Yavne people.
As a champion you can upload your contact list and send an email to invite people you know to donate. We created templates in order to make it easier for them and also had a space to fill your own words.
Each champion has the ability to edit their own page and why they are part of the project. Also they could follow their progress on their personal page, see who donated through their page. It shows how they are doing compared to other champions and the effect over the campaign.
As the organizer of the campaign we could follow up on each champion progress.
The giv2gether system allows creating email templates to send to the organization mailing list. SPNI has over 100,000 people registered to our mailing list so the potential was huge.
Sending invitation through Give2Gether system allows us to follow the open rate and conversion rate of clicks to donations
SPNI also sends out a weekly newsletter out of marketing department. We needed to coordinate our mail blasts to make sure we won't spam our followers. On the newsletter we also featured the campaign to make sure people who read the newsletter regularly will also be exposed to this project. We do no intend to spam, but we were also not afraid of it.

Social sharing makes it very easy for people to share through their social networks the fact they already donated.
It connects to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and allows to sent personal messages or post it on your profile.
We started the campaign with 6000 NIS from the company's funds, because as you won't go in to eat in an empty restaurant , you won't donate to an empty campaign.
We started getting donations the second we sent the first email blast and you can see a growth of donations after every time we sent out a blast or the newsletter.
10 only after launching, we reached the goal.
We broke 4 give2gether records ...
SPNI Mission
The advantages
of give2gether

Each donor gets a thank you letter, a receipt for tax exemptions and a link for them to follow the progress of the campaign.
Any questions were sent to the give2gether support and were answered immediately.

Donors are more engaged when they choose to support a project they believe in.
Donors reports and daily digests keeps high motivation.
Questions are met immediately online
a low cost/high return channel of fundraising and outreach
50 kids will benefit an amazing summer experience
A great success and a great experience.
as simple as 1-2-3...
1-Describe the Problem
2- Suggest a solution
3- Make the ask
Thank You!

What makes people give?
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