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Developing local communities through youth work

No description

Andrei Popescu

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Developing local communities through youth work

Developing local communities through youth work Premise one: Young people represent the future!... Right? An integrated support system for youth organizations aiming to:
- develop their capacity building
- empower youth workers and young people through active participation in their communities
- work in a youth community for the benefit of the local communities SOLUTION? TRAINING COURSES
• “Writing proposals for Youth in Action”, 285 courses and 4931 participants
•“Writing proposals with inclusion aspects for Youth in Action”, 9 courses and 149 participants
•“Methods of Non-formal Education”, 126 courses and 2094 participants
•“Management of volunteers”, 47 courses and 783 particpants
•“How to create an NGO”, 15 courses and 225 participants
•“Project management”, 30 courses and 792 particpants
•“Socio Educative Animation for Youth in Action”, 4 courses and 72 participants
•“Coach 2B”, 4 courses and 70 participants
•“Leader 2B”, 3 courses and 32 participants
•“Mentor 2B”, 6 courses and 86 participants
•“Final Report”, 3 courses and 52 particpants
•EVS sessions for EVS volunteer, 95 courses and 2167 participantS 2008
2012 Lessons learned Context Powered by Premise two: There is money we need to invest in the future of the young people! ...Or is there more? Source: http://mimiandeunice.com/tag/the-future/ NOW is the moment when young people are... well, YOUNG!
The future doesn't wait for anyone and it will be as it is build NOW! VISION WANTED Moving documents from one desk to another
to get the money, or... ... developing skills for people and communities? Source: http://studentbranding.com/transferrable-skills-more-than-meets-the-eye/ Source: http://extension.missouri.edu/p/dm7616 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSUMPTIONS - an EFFECTIVE community is a LEARNING community
- an effective LEARNING comes from INTERACTION over time and exploiting practical experience
- an effective INTERACTION is reached through
- an INTEGRATED APPROACH bringing together grass root, support and policies How? trainings consultancy collaborative
events and instruments trainers and
multipliers newtorks
acting autonomously partnerships TOTAL
624 training courses
11453 participants 4 Nonformal education labs + 1 Shareware event ~ 250 participants
Online interactive tools (www.nonformalii.ro or www.tinapse.ro)
Supporting youth section for ONGFest, Civil Society Gala, or Public Participation Gala TRUST THE PROCESS
It often is an open buffet
rather than a
regular three course meal Evolution leads to
"sustainbale" revolution
slow and steady wins the race Work WITH the people
not just FOR the people
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