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Brothers Grimm

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tata lala

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Brothers Grimm

Early Life
Jacob Grimm was born on the 4th of January 1785 in Hanau, Germany. His brother, Wilhelm, was born on the 24th of January the next year. Their parents were named Phillip and Dorothea Grimm. In 1791 the family moved to the countryside town of Steinau, where they were home schooled, by private tutors and after a while attended local schools. Sadly in 1796 Phillip Grimm died of pneumonia. For the next two years Jacob and Wilhelm took over the adult responsibilities for the rest of the family.
Jacob and Wilhelm left their family in 1798 to attend Friedrichsgymnasium (a school providing academic learning and advanced secondary education.) While they were there they became very close and relied on each other. Both brothers graduated at the top of their class; Jacob in 1803 and Wilhelm in 1804. After they had graduated from Friedrichsgymnasium they attended the University of Marburg. Wealthier students got most of the attention, whereas Jacob and Wilhelm were excluded from student activities and university social life. Their law professor, Friedrich von Savigny, gave them an interest in history so they then studied medieval German Literature.

Jacob, who was still responsible for his family’s money, returned to Marburg and was forced to abandon his studies and support the family. He took a job with the War Commission.
In 1808 he became fully responsible for his siblings, as his mother had died, and he became a librarian in Kassel. He paid for his brother, Ludwig, to study at art school and for Wilhelm’s heart treatment. Wilhelm joined his brother as a librarian after this. The brothers soon started to collect folk tales.

The brothers published their first volume of books in 1812 and it had 86 stories in it. They went on to produce 6 more volumes and together they totaled 210 books. All of the books were illustrated, first by Phillip Johann and then by Robert Leinweber.
Some of the Grimm brothers stories
The Frog Prince
Hansel and Grethel
Snow White
Beauty and the Beast
Sleeping Beauty

Witch- A cruel old lady who likes to eat children but first they have to be fat so she feeds them lots of bad food so the children get fat and she can eat them. Her house is made out of ginger bread and lollies.
Father- Gentle and considerate but is easily persuaded. He has two children Hansel and Grethel and he has a wife.
Stepmother- A mean lady who doesn’t like the children and she wanted to get rid of them. The Father didn’t want to get rid of the children so the stepmother persuaded him to.

Hansel and Grethel Characters
Grethel- A friendly young girl who gets frightened and scared lots but she is still kind and friendly. She lived in a cottage with her stepmother and her Father also her older brother Hansel who always looks after her.
Hansel- A brave boy older than Grethel, always thinking of great ideas to save the day he also lives in a cottage with Grethel and his stepmother and his father.

Hansel and Grethel were two young children who lived with their mother and father. The family was poor and could not afford any food. One day their father asked his wife how they were going to survive with so many mouths to feed and so little food. His wife, an evil woman, suggested that the following day they would lead Hansel and Grethel into the forest and give them each a slice of bread. Then they could leave them there so they didn’t have to feed them and there would be enough food for the parents to survive. First their father disagreed but his wife would not listen to him.
However, Hansel and Grethel were still awake and heard what their parents were going to do. Grethel started sobbing but Hansel had an idea. He went outside and collected the white pebbles from the front of their house and stuffed as many as he could into his pockets.
Once morning came, their parents told them that they were going out to collect some firewood. Hansel and Grethel followed them, even though they knew what was going to happen. As they walked, Hansel left a track of pebbles behind them so they would be able to find their way home. As night came their parents told them that they would be back to collect them soon. Hansel and Grethel fell asleep in the forest and woke up early the next day.

When they woke up, the trail of pebbles were shining brightly and led them straight home. Their mother told them off for sleeping so long in the forest. That night they heard their mother talking about them again and how they were going to lead them deeper into the forest. Hansel again tried to sneak out of the house to collect more pebbles but the door was locked.
The next day they each got a piece of bread for supper and were taken back out into the forest. Hansel used all of his bread to leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Their parents told them the same thing as they had the night before and left. At noon, Grethel shared her bread with Hansel and they both fell asleep.

Hansel and Grethel woke up to find that all of the crumbs had gone. The birds that lived in the forest had eaten them all up. They walked for three days trying to find their way home until they came to a small cottage. The cottage was not made out of wood or stone but gingerbread and it was covered with lots of sugar. Hansel and Grethel started breaking pieces of it off and stuffing them in their mouths as they had not eaten for days. An old lady came out of the door and welcomed them inside. She sat them down with some pancakes and milk and gave them a place to stay for the night.
Very early in the morning the old lady, who was really a witch, carried Hansel into a cage and locked the door. She then woke up Grethel and told her to cook something for him and when he was fattened up the old lady would eat him. Hansel was given all the nicest food whereas Grethel was only given crab shells. Every morning the witch would ask him to stick his finger outside the cage so she could feel how plump he was getting; but she didn’t have very good eyesight so Hansel would stick out a small bone for her to feel. The witch realised that she would never be able to fatten up Hansel so she made the decision that she was going to eat him the next day.
The next day Grethel was ordered to set up a cauldron with water and light a fire. The witch told Grethel that they would bake him first, so Grethel needed to check that the oven was on. She was told to crawl in and check the heat but Grethel knew what the witch was going to do once she was inside so she said that she didn’t know how. The witch crawled in to show her how to do it; Grethel slammed the oven door and turned the heat up. Then she ran to free Hansel. The two children looked around the witch’s house and found lots of pearls and other treasures.
After that, they left the house to go back home and once they were home they ran and hugged their father who announced that their evil mother was dead. They emptied their pockets full of pearls and lived in happiness for the rest of their lives.

In the Grimm Brothers version her name wasn't really Cinderella it was actually Ella but her step sisters called her Cinderella because she worked so much.
Cinderella's father went out and he asked Cinderella and her stepsisters if they wanted anything. The two step sisters wanted jewels and clothes but cinderella asked for a twig that brushed upon his hat on the way home.
The Grimm Brothers stories have been changed by many different people. Disney has made the stories more children friendly; they have also make DVD's and story books on them.
Cinderella Disney clip
More characters
Hansel and Grethel
In the Grimm Brothers version of rapunzel she is not a princess and she has two children. Instead of Rapunzel being stolen she is traided for flowers by her mother and farther.
The witch cuts rapunzels hair off and strands her in the desert alone.
Rapunzel Disney clip
Grimm Brothers

Sleeping Beauty
In the Grimm Brothers version sleeping beauty is not leured in by the witch.
In the Grimm version sleeping beauty was kissed by the prince decades later not days later
Video of Sleeping Beauty Disney
Snow White

Thanks for watching
Thanks for helping film!
Ben was to cool to dance
Short Stories
Rapunzel Disney performance
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