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Lauren Macmurdo 3B-Prezi 1

No description

Angela Altazan

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Lauren Macmurdo 3B-Prezi 1

Features of Informational Text
Features of Informational Text
Two-Toed Sloth
Main Idea of paragraph 3
Two-Toed Sloth
Main Idea of paragraph 5
Two-Toed Sloth
Venn Diagram
Two-Toed Sloth
Interview with Sloth Canopy Researcher: Byrson Voirin
Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
Describe the unique pattern found on the happy face spider's back. What makes this pattern unique? What in the text makes you think so?
Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
What do different scientists believe about the strange markings found on the happy face spider's back? Include details from the text in your answer.
Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
How does living on the undersides of leave help the happy face spider stay out of the limelight? Use a quote from the text in your answer.
Lauren Macmurdo
questions and answers

shot paragraphs

bold titles
a short piece of informational text

usually published in magazines
pictures and captions
The Features of an Interview
The Features of an Article are.....
The Main Idea of paragraph 3 is ,"Strong, Tired, and Hungry."
The Main Idea of paragraph 5 is,"Slow but Powerful."

The text mainly talks about two toed sloths on foot and how they use their claws to attack if they are beingannoyed or messed with.
The Summary of the "Two Toed Sloth:Choloepus hoffmanni"is........
The text is mainly about how sloths have strong arms for hanging, sleeping most of the day, and what food they eat
The advanced knowledge to eating, breathing, and sleeping like a two-toed sloth.
had information about two-toed sloths

had a main topic about sloths

sloth talk

topic is two toed sloths ONLY
facts about eating, sleeping, and hanging

the main knowledge
talks about his job

gives advice for people who are interested

information about rainforests

The unique patten on the happy face spider's back has two dots, like eyes, and a curved shape, like a smile. It is unique because it looks like the spider is smiling. In the "Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider" it says,"The marks resemble two circles that look like eyes. There is a curved shape below, similar to a smile."
Evidence: #3 lines 2-3
Some scientists believe the markings were made to warn predators. Also, other scientists believe the markings are for decoration. In the text it says,"Some scientists think the spider may have developed these strange markings as a way to warn predators. However, not all scientists agree on this theory."
Evidence: #4 lines 1- 3
With the "Theridion Grallator" living on the underside of leaves it makes it hard to find this arachnid. In the text it says,"It lives its life on the undersides of leaves. This can make it difficult for scientists to locate and study."
Evidence: #4 lines 1- 3
Bryson Voirin
Bryson Voirin is a biologist who studies the behavior and ecology of two and three toed sloths. He enjoys being in the tops of trees in the rainforests looking for sloths.
This is bryson with a sloth!!
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