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Ashley tisdale

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of EGYPT

-the pharaohs are in charge of everything.
-Pharaohs or kings,were the most important leaders in ancient Egypt
-Pharaohs created the laws of the land and enforced them.
-The punishment were 100 strokes of the cane ,5 cups of bleeding,exile,and decapation
-Throw sticks,spears,or javelins, bow and arrows ,and slingshots
- bow and arrows were the most comfortable for Egyptians
Where we found our information

-Egyptian women wore full length straight dresses with one or two shoulder straps men also wore this
-rich Egyptian women decorated their clothes and wore jewelery and headdresses.
-children did not wear clothes until they were 12 years old

-The pyramids were the key geographic features of ancient Egypt
- The Nile was also one of the key geographic feutures of ancient Egypt
-Nile supported transportation and trade, it also help egyptians shower and provided clean drinking water
What influence did the weather have on Egypt?
-Because of the dry climate spreading out was impossible.
-Egyptians needed the Nile to survive, almost all the people in the country were crowded into three percent of the space
-All houses had wide windows to catch every possible breeze.
-Commonplace houses were made of mud this kept the heat out
- Egypt days were hot, but what about the nights? They were cold. Very cold.
What were the key geographic features?

Clothing/what were their houses made of?
Who enforced the laws/ What were their punishment?
-Money did not exist in ancient Egypt
-Instead of using a currency ,the Egyptians traded their goods and services
-They mostly traded grain,vegetables and gold .
-They traded with Aagean,Mediterranean, and red seas , among others.
- scribe- very important in Egypt
- farmer- When it was flooding time they worked on government projects like working on the Great Pyramids.
-nobleman- helped Pharaoh run the country

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MLA formatting by BibMe.org.
Ancient Egypt

1075 BC – 1520 BC Capital moved to Memphis

1520 BC - 1640 BC horse drawn chariots introduced

2150 BC - 2575 BC Great pyramids were built mummification first used

2575 BC - 2950 BC First writing on papyrus ( papyrus thick paper-like material produced from the pithof the papyrus plant) Memphis became the capital of Egypt

100 BC – 3150 BC Hieroglyphic writing developed

"The Ancient Egypt Site - The History, Language and Culture of Pharaonic Egypt." The Ancient Egypt Site - The History, Language and Culture of Pharaonic Egypt. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2013. <http://www.ancient-egypt.org/main.html>.
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-Peasants ate a limited diet, including bread and beer, complemented by dates, vegetables, and pickled and salted fish
-Oxen, sheep,and goats,provided dairy products
-Animal blood used for blood sausages
-Beef and pork fat used for cooking.
-Eggs were eaten.
-Goose fat was also used for cooking.
What did they eat?
-Amun was one of the most powerful gods of ancient Egypt
-Geb was the god of the earth
-Nut was the sky-goddess
-Osiris was the god of the dead, and ruler of the underworld
-Tefnut was the goddess of moisture.
-Ra was the sun god
Gods and Goddesses

-sun dried bricks made of mud and straw flat roofs
-doors are built four feet off the ground so the sand doesn't come inside the house
-had family room, guest room, storage room, kids room, and even bathrooms
what were their houses made of
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