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Copy of A Long Walk to Water

No description

Bunmi Ishola

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of A Long Walk to Water

A Long Walk to Water Dinka Facial Markings Chapter 3 Discuss the Purpose of Facial Markings
What are they example of according to our themes?
What would your group markings look like, why? Chapter 1 & 2 Review As a group let's review our story so far:
Who are our two main characters
What is happening to both of them?
What is a primary example of community building found in the book so far?
What is an example of collective work and responsibility? It's all about Perspective! Chapter 4 What was the feast that Salva took part in? What would you consider a feast? Bonus: Can you connect our themes?
Community Building
Collective Work & Responsibility
Creativity Today we are just going to read and discuss chapter 5. Remember when some one is reading you are following along. If we have questions or comments we must respect each other by raising our hands to let Mr. Lawson know we have something to add to the discussion. Chapter 5 After reading today there will be some questions to answer so make sure we are being extra aware as you have a comprehension task when you are done!!! While we read, think about the following: Chapter 6 What are the pros and cons of the camp Nya and her family stay at?
"A Cold fist seemed to grip Salva's heart..." Think of what this means and the context it is in Can you make a text to text connection?
What does "The mother of all life in the Sudan mean?" (pg42) Chapter 7 Why is it a problem that Nya's sibling has to drink
Do you think Salva's uncle really is the leader because he is trusted or he has a weapon? Chapter 8 "The first day in the desert felt like the longest day Salva had ever lived through" (pg 52).

What does his uncle do in the desert to help Salva? Chapter 9 "If he were older and stronger, would have given water to those me? Or would he, like most of the group, have kept his water to himself" (page 59).
What do you think? We have been talking a lot about community building and collective work and responsibility. How does it fit in this scenario? Chapter 10 Why is the time for Salva's grief short?

Why is it strange for Salva to stay in one place? Chapter 11 Draw an Iron Giraffe Chapter 12 Share what you like about a member of your family.
Note the 6 year time pass Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Thinking of Salva's Journey Chapter 15 How can we summarize Salva's Journey?
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