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Short Privacy/NSA

No description

Brad Templeton

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Short Privacy/NSA

Why Privacy?
The Cloud
Robots from
the Future

A watched populace never boils
Only apes demand privacy
Anonymous communication is at the foundation of free societies
Privacy is what you take away from someone when you want to torture them
-Earl of Spencer
Look in a big sea of data and you'll find what you are looking for
-even if it isn't really there

Scientists fail and this sometimes, the public and juries all the time
People don't care about privacy until after an invasion -- they will trade it for a chance at an iPod
You must protect other's privacy
We must not walk on the edge of the police state
Why be a privacy zealot?
Shy people need privacy too

In a way extroverts can't understand
Apps in the cloud:
Roaming, scaling
What does it look like?
to Personal Computing
to Timesharing
No "reasonable expectation of privacy" says the supreme court, though some statutes

Moving to the cloud means...
Moving data out of your hands
We must think before doing something this dramatic with our software
A question of policy,
or a question of...
Scalability is the key
Surveillance didn't use to scale
Now AI takes it further...
Time-traveling robots
from the future
Understanding natural language in bulk
Face and person recognition
Speech recognition
Facial expressions
and body language
Patterns of network
This leads to...
“Are you now or have you ever been...”
We should ask ourselves with each step, did we want to change the balance?
The balance is changing
Don’t be big brother’s “preferred vendor.”
Tech Gets Used in Other Countries
Consider privacy invasive uses of what we design today
Consider its use in other regimes and future regimes
Be a bit paranoid, even with things you don't think you have to protect -- yet.
What to do?
Is privacy dead? Should we just “get over it?”
How does your sense of privacy differ from your parents and your children?
What will convince software designers to put in privacy by design?
What will the A.I. of the future do that scares you?
Key Questions
Privacy in the Future
Brad Templeton, Singularity University/EFF

We don't know the sins of the future
Like us on facebook!
Today, AI isn't very good at...
Weakening Crypto
Mapping your social network
Attack Honeypots
And fake linkedin, too!
lots of other
leaders too
NSA Co-Traveler
Watching sysadmins
89% of files were
innocent, non-targeted American
And if you look at some security and privacy tools and some sites.
Cameras on all streets, semi-public areas
AI Face recognition and individual tracking
Social Network Monitoring
Promises 30% reduction in crime and terrorism
Note: Police already have badge-cams
Say the obvious but also say the subtle
Think about how parties protect their interests
Have fun with it!
Appoint a spokesperson
Present for just 90 seconds!
1: City Police
2: Feds & Spies
3: Privacy Rights Group
4: Advocates for the poor & minorities
5: Counterculture
6: Mafia

(6 Groups)

Espionage and Investigation of Suspects
Surveillance of the innocent
1: City Police -
2: Feds & Spies -
Back L
3: Privacy Rights Group -
Back R
4: Advocates for the poor & minorities -
Main Back
5: Counterculture -
6: Internet & Social Network firms -
Main Front
7: Mafia -

(7 Groups)
Plus USA Freedom
Records to be destroyed
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