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Examples of Good Behavior

No description

Charles Herndon

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Examples of Good Behavior

Examples of Good Behavior
Remain Seated
You need to remain seated
unless instructed so that the
class doesn't get rowdy and
the teacher can control the

Come Prepared
You need to always come prepared because then you might not have all the supplies that you need to complete tasks in class.
Follow Directions
You need to follow directions so
you understand the information and
get your work done right.
Raise Your Hand
You need to raise your
hand so that each person
in the class gets to talk
one at a time.
Stay Focused
You need to stay focused so you don't get distracted and can get your work done on time.

Do Your Best
You need to do your best you can
be so that you can excel in life and
make the best grades possible for
Cooperate In Groups
You need to cooperate in groups
so that everyone in your group
gets their work done and does
it right.
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