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Fashion 1700's-1920's

Technology Project for Mrs. Baker

Marisa McMurtrey

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Fashion 1700's-1920's

1700's-1920's 1785's Fashion was much the
same as the 1700's. Maybe a little
less modest. The neckline on the collar
of the dress was lower. 1800's Fashion 1700's Fashion 1785's Fashion 1785's Fashion was much the same as the 1700's fashion.
Dresses to the floor, sleeves could only go to their elbow.
The only difference was that the clothing had more style more
flare. They styled their hair big and wore big hats. And the neckline on the dresses were lower. Women's fahion in the 1700's was very modest.
Their dresses went down to the floor, the neckline
was high, and the shortest the sleeves went was to the
elbow. If the people in the 1700's saw the way we dressed now they would probably call it absurd and un-lady like:) 1785 was nothing compared to the 1800's in style.
Their trains on the dresses were longer and the
style of the dress was way more exotic and wonderful.
They had so much stuff on the dress you couldnt even tell that
there was a person inside of it. And the sleeves were much shorter. 1880's Fashion The 1880's fashion didn't changed much from the 1800. Maybe there were more exotic dresses . There was a hat to go along with every dress. And dresses weren't as big they just simply fell from the waist to the floor and into a small train. 1900's Fashion 1900's was more daring then any other years I have research.. Women who worked wore shorter dresses to help them move around. Shorter as in showed leg!!! O.o As for the richer women they wore long fancy dresses with jewels and fancy over coats as seen in the PETER ROBINSON'S, OXFORD STREET picture. So lets get this clear work women (as in the women who worked) wore shorter dresses and the rich women (as in the women who employed the work women) wore long fancy dresses. 1920's Fashion By the 1920's almost everyone was wearing the short dresses and they became known as Flappers. Only actresses or theatre girls wore long dresses. Some girls wore short dresses with long sleeves other girls wore short dresses with spaghetti straps or short sleeves. It didnt really matter what they wore. All that mattered was that this isn't the 1700's or 1800's this was modern day life and they wore what they wanted to wear. 2011's Fashion 2011's Fashion. Todays fashion is nothing like it used to be.
We have short short dresses, we have long dresses, we have pants, we have shirts that don't even cover our stomachs, and we have short short short shorts that don't even cover our butts. Back in the 1700's women wearing pants was like a man wearing a corsett! It was crazy. Nobody thought we would end up where we have, nobody thought we would wear what we wear today. Fashion today would be considered more scandalous then the 1900's. We have broken every fashion rule there has ever been made in America from the 1700's and beyond. We are in a new age of fashion. No matter where you go there is always a new trend being set or new way to wear this or that. Our world today will never be the same as the 1700's, 1800's or even the 1900's. We have started a revolution in fashion!!! THE END!! Thank You!!
BY:Marisa Ann McMurtrey:) During the 1700-1920's the Indutrial Revolution was occuring. Not only was fashion forming new styles so was everything else. Short dresses didn't catch on as well as you would think.
In 1960 the country was shocked by Miss Twiggy and her mini skirt.. and by country i mean all the men. Miss Twiggy was a cultural icon and soon enough every girl out there had a mini skirt.
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