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No description

Anna Christina

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of MAD FATHER

mad Father is a RPG game, that's very cool! It's about a girl named Aya and her mad father, why her father is mad will you see :D

Aya is a 11 year old girl, her mother died and her father is a "scientist". Her father has a assistant called Maria, in the game we don't know what Ayas mom or dad is Called. We only know that their last name is Drevis. Ayas mom died when Aya was 10 years old, her mom had a decease ... Aya believed that she died from that until creepy things happen....
Auddenly there are zombies and other creatures. When she went out of her room there was a boy. He said, that Aya should come with him..First he looks nice but he turned and Aya got so scared and ran away, the boy had just one eye...
This is the boy with just one eye
In the time, Aya found out that her mother is living as a ghost!
So in the beginning of the end, Aya have to go through a portal to save her father. So, when she went through it YOU could choose : Save father or grant moms wish. Her mom wished to have the father. So you have to choose :
Save father :click once
Grandt moms wish: click twice

So you wanted to save father, huh? Okey. Aya Saved her father, but her mother gave Aya a Memory. In the memory Aya saw how her father talked about, making her to a doll. The mother don't wanted it and Ayas father killed her mother. Aya waked up and found her self in a laboratory. After her father was awake, she found her mother's body...
Aya ran away from her father because he had a chainsaw and wanna to kill her, and make her to a doll. In the end Aya is cached by a doll.

So there is 2 endings now...
Bad ending : click twice, Good ending : click three times.
So you grand moms wish, huh? Is this it what you wanted? You went all through this just because you want to give up? Oh man but ok, if you wanted this..
So, the mother took Ayas father and, Yeah, she was all alone with Maria.
Because Aya's mom took her dad, Maria has ensured that the wish from Aya's father came true and made her into a doll. Maria loved the "Doctor"

Bad End 2
Ok, you chose the bad ending... Oh man I will tell you Short:

Aya is cached by a doll.. The doll was very creepy. Aya couldn't make her loose, her Father came and killed her....
In the next scene we saw how her father said goodnight to the doll from Aya's body...

So the good ending :
Aya's father tried to kill her, but Maria came and saved her! She thought she murdered the father and huged Aya. But the father wasn't dead He stand up AND...... The boy killed Ayas dad...the boy said that the house should be burned down. He gave Aya a kiss and burned the house down.. Aya and Maria lived together since then but...

Do you want to know it ? Click twice
If not Just once

PLS click three times for see a Let'sPlay
she had a "hospital" for free "investigations" AYA WAS LIKE HER FATHER
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