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Celebrity Dinner Party

No description

Kira DeMerse

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Celebrity Dinner Party

Flawless singing Queen

Q:What goes through your head when you go on stage and hear everyone screaming your name?
leader of the african- american
civil rights movement

Q:What were you thinking when
you were giving your speeches?
emporor and autocraft of all of the Russias(1801-1825)

Q: what would you different?
mother of Nicholas II
(emperor of Russias 1894-1917)

Q:Are you proud of what your
son has become?
Celebrity Dinner Party
Kira DeMerse
Beyonce Knowles
Genghis Khan
Alexander I of Russia
Adolf Hitler
Maria Feodorova
(mother of Nicholas II)
Charles XII of Sweden
Martin Luther King Jr.
Founded mongol Empire which became the largest contiguous empire in history

Q:How do you think you would have turned out if you hadnt made the Mongol Empire?
dictator of Germany

Q:What made you think you start not liking Jewish people? And why do you think its okay to just kill all of them?
persuaded the Ottoman
Sultan to declare war
on Russia

Q:What made you think "Oh lets have a war with Russia"
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