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Joseph Paul

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft

-Modification (Mods) in Mincraft have became very popular
-They're useful mods and useless mods. An example would be the mod 'Optifine' and the mod 'Too Many Items'
-So far two fun mods that is very common is 'Mo' Creatures and Pixelmon' - Minecraft allow players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D generated world

- Other activities in Minecraft are exploring, gathering resources, crafting, mining, and combat

-Three types of modes avaliable in the game are: Survival, Hardcore, and Creative Info on These Mods The mod 'Optifine' helps you have more choices on your settings, and is very helpful to people that have bad CPUs (computer) and lag alot.

'Too Many Items' doesn't have a good review on it. what the mod does is when you open your inventory it will have all the items on the side and let you choose morning/night.

The first popular mod that is common is 'Mo' Creatures. Now this mod adds new items and new egg spawners (Spawners are an easy way to summon animals or mobs). Also adds more animals of different types. Examples are: Fish, Mammal, Bird, Amphibian, and Reptile.

Other common mod is 'Pixelmon' which basically is the mixture of Poke'mon and Minecraft. You're allowed to battle trainers. Catch and train your own Poke'mon. Facts Version History - 1.0.0
- 1.0.1
- 1.1
- 1.2.1
- 1.2.2
- 1.2.3
- 1.2.4
- 1.2.5
- 1.3.1
- 1.3.2
- 1.4.2
- 1.4.4
- 1.4.5
- 1.4.6
- 1.4.7
- 1.5
- 1.5.1
- 1.5.2
- 1.6 Minecraft PC Modifications In The Game - A Sandbox Indie Game created by a Swedish programmer Markus 'Notch' Persson
- Later developed by Mojang ( 'gadget' in Swedish found May 2009)
- It was publicly released May 17, 2009, but after gradual updates it was released November 18, 2011
- For iOS it was released Nov 17, 2011, For Android it was released Oct 7, For Xbox it was released May 9, 2012 co-developed by 4J Studios Whole Story Once you start playing you're a guy name Steve who has a few hours to gather woods, a bed, and food to bulid a house. The bed will be used to restore your health if damage and sleep through the night without fighting mobs (info on mobs next path). Next day you can mine to find minerals like diamond, iron, coal, gold, and emerald. while your exploring you c an go look in strongholds that have end portal blocks. Also you need to kill Enderman (mob) to get an Eye of Ender. Then you would create and enter the portal and fight the Ender Dragon. "In survival you are require to gather resources and maintain health and hunger. Hardcore is actually the same as survival, but if your hit once your dead. Creative is where you have unlimited supply for resources." The more you play Minecraft the better you get. Then if your good enough you can create many creative things with your imagination There many people who are created very amazing things like this one to the left Also in Mincraft... Minecraft has multiplayer servers that you can play on with friends. They're two types of servers you are able to play on which are Premium or Cracked. To get a Premium account you have to buy Mincraft which cost up to $30.00, but many people that don't want to waste money download the Cracked version of Minecraft. It hasn't been stated that is is illegal, so it's ok to get it the cheap way. If you download the Cracked Minecraft your are able to play on cracked servers. It isn't hard to fine crack servers to play on, they're many websites containing servers. Minecraft allows server mods for us now, example is playing in a 'Pixelmon Server' (more info on 'Pixelmon' next path). 'Optifine' 'Too Many Items' 'Mo' Creatures' 'Pixelmon' This is a video on a intese Mincraft player whose name is Toby Turner.
Youtube Channel is TobyGames. Mobs.. Mobs are short for mobile and are any living entities. Passive mobs are: Sheep, Pig, Cow, Chicken, Mooshroom, Bat, Squid, Ocelot, and a Villager. Neutral mobs (will not attacked unless provoked) are: Enderman, Wolf, and Zombie Pigmen. Hostile mobs (will attack whne your in range) are: Slimes, Spiders, Spider Jockeys, Witches, Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, and Silverfish. Wither is once of the bosses, but not that powerful compared to the Ender Dragon. 'Ender Portal' - A Skeleton will shot itself if your over/under it
- Villagers will breed if their is a wooden door in their village
- Pumpkins are harder to find the Diamonds
- A dropped item will stop a mine cart
- You used to be able to milk squids
- When viewed from the front, baby wolfs look like walking heads Future...... The new version of Minecraft is the 1.6 update which was already released somewhere during May. What this update did was basically fix some of the glitches and bugs in the last version of Minecraft. Fixing the orginal texture pack in it as well One exciting feature is the horse mob. Instead of adding mods into your game for this mob spawner it will come with this new update. Details on this feature is that theres donkeys and mules added in with horses as well. Also armors that go with your horse have been added, It comes in gold, iron, and diamond variants at the moment. Texture Packs Collection of files that is used to change the game textures of blocks, mobs, and GUI (Character).They are zip files that have various PNG images in them and a pack.txt. The native resolution of Minecraft's textures are 16×16, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512 textures are referred to as 'HD' 'Sphax Purebdcraft' 'Dokucraft' Educational Minecraft teaches us how to survive and gathering the right resources to live, but the zombies, giant spiders and skeletons aren't real. That was a message showing much dangerous things that we might run into. Minecraft isn't an actually survive guy, but half of it is a little bit on surviving. It's good for all ages especially kids. Why becauses in single player there's no coarse language, no sexual or drug references, no blood and dead mobs simply turn red then fall over, and then disappear in smoke. Also there's a peaceful mode so you don't have to see these things. There might be combat, but that is the context of survival. Sources - www.edudemic.com

- www.minecraftwiki.net

- www.idigitaltimes.com

- www.wikipedia.org Awards/MineCon July 2010, PC Gamers announced Minecraft as the fourth best game to play at work. Good Game chose Minecraft as their choice for best Downloadable Game of 2010. Gamasutra named it the eight best game of the year also the eighth best indie game of the year, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun named it 'Game of the Year.'

MineCon is the official Minecraf Covention annually held. First held Nov 18-19 2011, at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. All 4,500 tickets for MineCon were sold out Oct 31. The event included the launch of Minecraft, key speeches, even by Persson. After MineCon there was a 'Into the Nether' after party with electronic musician deadmau5. Similiar events occured in MineCon 2012, which took place in Disneyland Paris from Nov 24-25.
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