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best of video media project: my little pony

helena jets

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of MLP

Fandom will rule the world My little Pony ...some things... what makes something great intro to animation intro to fandom but then i was like -> at first i was like -> certain statistics MLP FiM cause they be awesome-ish yeah! sources! twilight sparkle Pinkie Pie Rarity Applejack Rainbow Dash Fluttershy characters you needs dem... and heroes you need them too (preferably with powers) Honesty Kindness Generosity Laughter Loyalty MAGIC The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics. PBS Off Book- YouTube. PBS, 23 Aug. 2012. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. <
“Building brand through storytelling: Seven elements great stories have in common.” Applied Poetics. Jonathan Opp, 13 Oct. 2009. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. <http://appliedpoetics.com/2009/10/13/building-brand-through-storytelling-seven-elements-great-stories-have-in-common/>.
Can Fandom Change Society? PBS Off Book - YouTube. PBS, 6 Sept. 2012. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. <
“Identifying Bias.” N.d. PDF file. copyrights for: Holt, Rhinehart and Winston
Interview by Bethany Tosch. N.d.

Schuster, Natalie. Instant messenger interview. 3 Oct. 2012.
Turby, John. “The 9 Elements of Great Films.” Raindance Brussels. Simple City Consultants, 2010. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. <http://www.raindance.org/site/index.php?id=492,6285,0,0,1,0>. and then i was all -> a chronological emotional view point of how my project went Good Humor as usual, most movies/cartoons directed towards small chillens have jokes that adults and older children alone will understand
has a crazy character that brings light to the darkness (cough cough, pinkie pie) MLP FiM has an audience range of ages 7- 25 with majority of fans split into 16-25 years of age and 7-10 years
MLP FiM aired October 10, 2010, my little ponies have been around for longer than that. not just the TV shows, but also dolls and merchandize.
the MLP FiM will be going on its third season this November.
won the CableFAX award for best animated TV show and was nominated for their songs also.
simple animation design (as of this era) which makes it catchy, but for the detail of movement and such.
due to such a large fan range, MLP will be around for a while (sorry haters)
it gives chillens a view of how to have friends and how to solve common or semi complicated problems
to 'most' people (general term), MLP is just a dumb show. but to younger kids and large friend groups it is the best thing ever, which is why it is the best thing ever.
all in all, yes, sometimes it is a repeating story line, but it shows great values and it brings people together and gives them something to laugh and relate to. single strong line the whole idea is in the name: Friendship is Magic
Twilight Sparkle has an assignment to discover all she can about friends and such Ambition is everything fighting solely for one thing
asks questions like 'what makes a good life' or 'what is right'
gives thoughtful thorough and multiple answers and that is how equestria was made villains great movies don't say all is lies, all is dead, nothing exists, but explores the good and the truth, the meaning and change the face of humanity and life with MLP they have an interactive animation technique. they make the characters speak with the movement of their eyes, hair, body and such things.
unlike previous animation styles (cough cough, hint hint [e.g.] Scooby-Doo ) where they have a one shot picture and it only changes when they talk or walk. fandom is a group of people whom are major psycho fan people who make fan art, collect all the collectables and surround their life with the meaning of one or many TV shows, movies, books or viral animations. fandom is a society, a race, a whole different kind of human almost. characters the most effective character is a human one, or a seemingly human one.
if your audience is a frog, then your character should be a frog or frog like.
the reason for this is basically the punch line for humanity is 'we're only human' movement the story needs to continue, or leave the audience with their minds and effectively find out the ending
the story needs the correct speed. have a balance of times when there is action, explanation or development of plot
in the end, the story must bring together an amount of strings to show the big picture, but there should not be too many lose strings for the viewer to keep track off 12:43
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