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No description

Bruno Meeus

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of pruts

Double click anywhere & add an idea How to catch floating populations? The use of mixed methods to understand
Romanian transnationalism as a cultural-economic practice Bruno Meeus
K.U. Leuven
bruno.meeus@ees.kuleuven.be “However abstract and ethereal our discussions of place […] might become, we can always, in the last instance, return to ground and point to something and say “that is what I’m talking about.” Mobility, however, has no such presence. It is absent the moment we reflect on it. It has passed us by. […] Maybe […] our ways of knowing are just not mobile enough and we are stuck in a sedentarist metaphysics – a way of knowing that valorizes the apparent certainties of boundedness and rootedness over the slippery invisibility of flux and flow” (Cresswell, 2006: 57) Compared to ‘place’, Tim Cresswell argues, ‘mobility’ is much harder to assess scientifically: Movies developed through capturing movement Now, how to capture human mobility?
Which temporal and spatial scales?
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