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No description

Sarai Haese

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Allegiant

Protagonist - Tris/Tobias
Tris is selfless and brave for putting her life on the line for her brother
Coming of Age - Tris

Allegiant is told in the perspectives of Tris and Tobias
- Selfless, Brave, Divergent
- Brave, Trusting, Caring,

Other characters:
- Best friend of Tris
- Friend of Tris, has a sense of humor
- Tris's brother
- Tobias's mom, factionless leader
- Tobias's dad,
- Leader of Bureau of Genetic Welfare
- Works in the the compound of the Bureau
- Selfish, Cruel, ill-tempered
- kind, helpful, works with David
- Smart, helpful
- Smart, kind
- Works with David
Tobias is trusting but it gets him into trouble because he trusts the wrong person
Both lived in the Chicago experiment
His mother was the leader of the factionless and now is the leader over everyone
Her mother came from the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and went into the experiments to make peace
Both are teens
His Father was the leader of Abnegation and is against Evelyn
Both part of the Allegiant
My thoughts and feelings...
In my opinion it is a very interesting book. I enjoyed the fact that the book was in duel perspectives every other chapter because it gave me an idea of both of their feelings towards a subject. This book was very well written because it kept me wanting to read more and more. Later towards the end of the book my feelings started to change. The part when Tris dies I did not like as much because of the way it happened. I thought it was a weird ending to her life, but overall I liked Allegiant.
Tris has gone through many experiences that would be classified as her coming of age. One part that shows her coming of age, is after the bombing and explosion happen. Tris realizes that she should forgive Tobias because she is no better than him. Another event that shows Tris's coming of age, is when Caleb is about to sacrifice himself for Tris because he feels guilty for what he has done, but Tris decides to surrender herself for him because he loves her brother. These events changed Tris's outlook on life by realizing that she should forgive others.
At the beginning of the book, Tris is in jail due to revealing information that changed the city forever. After getting out of jail a group called the Allegiant, whose goal is to get out of the city, convinces Tobias and Tris to go outside of the fence with them.
Tobias helps Caleb, Tris's brother, out of jail so that they all can go outside the fence together. Cara, Christina, Peter, and Uriah join them on the journey. After going outside of the fence, they see that the world inside the fence looks the same outside of the fence, with more advertising and more ruined buildings. The group meets a patrol consisting of Zoe and Amar who take them to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare which is housed inside what used to be Chicago’s O’Hare airport.
The group meets David who is the head of the Bureau. David tells them that Chicago is a social experiment that was made to correct genetic damage. They find out that the “Divergent” are people who have healed genes, but the people who are not Divergent are genetically damaged. After Tobias is tested, he finds out that he is not Divergent. After finding about that horrible news, Nita, who is Matthew’s assistant, takes Tobias out of the compound and into the fringes to see how the people really live. He sees that there is a lot of violence and lots of poverty. Nita tells Tobias that she wants to stop all of the genetically damaged nonsense, being a GD herself.
Meanwhile, Tris finds out that her mom used to be from the fringe but volunteered to go into the city experiment to try to stop the violence that was happening. Later, Tobias brings Tris to meet Nita. Nita tells them that she wants to steal some memory serum to keep David from using it to reset the memories of everyone in Chicago. Tris does not believe her, and refuses to help Tobias. Tobias decides to side with Nita who turns out that she did not want the memory serum but she wants to kill everyone. They set off a bomb which gets Uriah seriously injured. Nita and Tobias are arrested as traitors. Later Tobias gets set free and feels guilty for putting Uriah in a coma.
Tris finds out that the Bureau has plans to wipe the memories of everyone in Chicago, so Tobias volunteers to go into the city to warn certain friends and family members, especially Uriah’s family to apologize. Meanwhile, Tris makes a plan to try to get to the memory serum before the Bureau, but the problem is that the memory serum is stored in a room filled with death serum which is very powerful and when you inhale it, it can cause death. Caleb volunteers to go because everyone hates him anyway.
When Tobias is in the city, he convinces Evelyn to form an alliance with the Allegiant and let everyone live on their own terms. Back in the Bureau, Tris decides to sacrifice herself instead of Caleb because he is doing it out of guilt, and Tris does it out of love for her brother. Tris survives the death serum, but meets David who shoots her as she unleashes the memory serum and she dies.
Everyone in Bureau has their memories wiped clean except Tris's friends. Tobias returns and finds Tris dead. He cries and mourns a lot and almost erases his own memory because of his pain, but Christina convinces him not to. After two and a half years, Tobias and the others go zip lining in Chicago scattering Tris’s ashes all the way down. He still misses her but is determined to look for the good in life with his friends.

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